Adblock vs Adblock Plus: Are They Best Ads Exterminators in 2019?

What Adblock vs Adblock Plus does is heroic. The online advertisements turn your mood off in seconds if you do not have quality adblocker software.

With aggressive online ads strategy, it makes the online world environment annoying for users. Therefore, it leads to boost adblocker industry exponentially. Not to only that, now adblocker software shifts from “wants” to “necessity” for users in a very short period.

Especially, the potential of spreading venom in the form of malware by cyber thieves, I think every user needs to block these annoying ads.

Adblock vs Adblock Plus

And for this, I decided to review two of the deadly exterminators of online ads that are Adblock vs Adblock Plus. Not to mention, but due to the only difference of word “Plus” in the name of these software name, most of you might think they are the same product. However, in reality, both adblockers are the product of different developers.

Both products have the same objective and also by using an almost similar mechanism, therefore, in this article, I will help you in deciding by discussing both Adblock Plus vs Adblock. In this way, you can choose which one of them is best according to your need.

Why is Adblockers Important Nowadays?

Since the approach of online marketing is becoming more and more pugnacious, the use of a tool to block ads is in heavy demand. Due to a highly competitive market, online advertisers without considering regarding whom they are targeting, smash millions of ads on your face while you are enjoying the content.

Websites and social platforms, on the other hand, earn revenue by these online ads to stay in business. Moreover, these domains and social media owners have the perception that these adblockers are the one who stops to get higher revenue.

However, if you think logically, I don’t think so adblockers are the reason of limiting their revenue. It is due to aggressive online strategies. If these websites have an efficient monitoring system regarding online ads and what ads they run on there, there would be no need for adblockers nowadays.

Adblock Plus

Majority of online platforms depends on third-party ads without having any consent what types of ads they are posting. Therefore, when you post athlete brands ads on a platform where most of the audience is of developers, things get annoying.

Moreover, dark online entities love to inject malicious malware in these online ads that would lead to losing your data. In short, if these digital marketers still using this aggressive online marketing demand for adblockers like Adblock Plus vs Adblock are increasing exponentially.

Adblock vs Adblock Plus – Pros & Cons


Adblock Plus


  • One of the most popular Google Chrome extensions
  • Uses similar ad filter as Adblock uses
  • Offers more features than Adblock Plus, that works efficiently
  • Offers more control to users over block ads
  • “Block Element” feature is one of the top-notch features that allows users to block any element on the website.
  • It has the potential to malicious ads or full of malware pop-ups and pop-under
  • Efficiently blocks ads on Facebook and Youtube.


  • One of the biggest concern about Adblock is it’s an open source, and the creators do not disclose it anywhere
  • The whitelist of brands is increasing, which means Adblock will be less effective in blocking ads in future
  • Some of the options like “Filter lists” and “Customize” are too complex for normal users
  • The advanced options are not so efficient for the purpose they built for


  • Open source tool
  • Second most popular browser extension in the world of adblockers
  • Very handy to use and has a user-friendly interface as compare to Adblock.
  • Offers super-efficient manual customize “whitelisting” option.
  • It has great potential to block deadly malware, pop-ups, and viruses that are integrated into online ads by hackers.
  • Performs greatly when it comes to blocking ads on Youtube and Facebook


  • Advanced tools option is hidden
  • All the enable and disable features if you want to use, you have to do it manually
  • Block Element feature is a failure and does not come close to the feature offered by Adblock.
  • You need to use the extension button feature of Adblock Plus since the quick menu doesn’t detect all
  • For some online ads, it doesn’t offer to block them to users since it believes that those ads are not annoying at all.

Adblock vs Adblock Plus


Adblock was introduced in the market after getting the inspiration from Adblock Plus with more amazing features. To many users think Adblock options are more advanced or updated version of Adblock Plus regarding features it offers. However, the developers of both adblockers are not the same at all.

For the first time Adblock starts its journey as Chrome extension only, and after that, it introduces extensions for other popular browsers too. Moreover, an individual entity rather than any coders’ community create Adblock.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus was the first reliable adblocker extension in the market. Since it’s an open source, therefore, initially it was available on Mozilla FireFox. However, as time passes, due to its phenomenal performance in blocking online ads, it is now available on all the popular browsers.

The primary objective of creating Adblock Plus is to provide top-notch browsing experience.

Difference Between Adblock and Adblock Plus – Which One Offers Greater Features?

The difference between Adblock and Adblock Plus are not regarding their features and interface because they are very similar to each other in lot of places.

The features that are an offer by both Adblock Plus and Adblock include tracking control; malware infected domains, blacklists, whitelists, and counters.

Moreover, these Adblockers are also capable of blocking ads on YouTube and Facebook, which is great. Adblock uses the similar easy list that is organized by Adblock Plus creators. It means both Adblockers have the potential to blocks and accept similar ads.

However, when it comes to extra feature, Adblock offers “Element Block” which Adblock Plus does not. Therefore, if you choose Adblock as your adblocker, you have the advantage to block element on any website by pressing right click on the element you want to block.

Although remember that only those ads will block that does not pay Adblock. Otherwise, this element block feature does not work at all.

So if you compare both Adblockers, which is top-notch? Well due to offering almost similar features, there is a very tough competition between both of them. However, Adblock wins “Greater Features” due to offering “Block Element” option.

Adblock vs Adblock Plus – Which One is More User-Friendly?

To be most demanding and great software it is necessary to be user-friendly and easy to operate. Surprisingly as compare to other adblockers in the market Adblock Plus vs Adblock are one the most user-friendly according to my experience. Any beginner out there can use it.

Both adblockers extensions are easy to install at blazing speed even you have an average speed internet connection.

Moreover, both adblockers default settings are sufficient features to start with. And you do not need to do anything manually to use their basic blocking features.

Furthermore, when it comes to switching off both adblockers, you can do that by just clicking on their icon in the browser.

Both adblockers offer users to make they’re customized whitelists and add ads in the blacklist and manually modify options according to need.

When you click on the icon of both adblockers, the pop-up menu will appear on your screen that will show multiple options as well as how to enable and use them.

However, the user interface belongs to Adblock Plus is more user-friendly since it shows how many ads are blocked right away when you click its icon. Adblock, on the other hand, does not show a list of block ads, which creates a little confusion for users if they want to check blocked ads list.

In short, both Adblock vs Adblock Plus is still very simple to use when it comes to using their basic features.

However, according to my experience Adblock Plus has a more user-friendly interface as compare to Adblock apart from its additional features which don’t show when you click on the icon. However, it does not matter since those additional features demand by the average user is rare.

Adblock vs Adblock Plus Chrome

Adblock Chrome

Adblock performs well on Chrome browser by using a list of filters to block ads content automatically.

There is an option for users to rely on the default block list. Or add more ads to block or create their list and also whitelist their favorite sites.

On the Chrome browser, it is one of the most downloaded adblocker and has positive feedback globally. It is also available for other popular browsers such as Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Adblock Chrome Mac also offers the same phenomenal features and performs brilliantly. By integrating with the content blocker mechanism to efficiently, block ads on Safari with a minimal step.

Adblock Plus Chrome

Adblock Plus is another popular adblocker extension available on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

One of the most noticeable features about ABP with Chrome is quick setup, loading preset filter lists that allow users to quickly block most ads, as well as the option to filter malware and social media buttons.

Similar to Adblock, users can also choose default block list, add some more ads and even create their own block list while using ADP with Chrome.

Which Adblocker is best for Chrome?

It is time to reveal the aspect of performance of both adblockers. Adblock Plus vs Adblock perform great when it comes to blocks most of the annoying ads. However, it is hard to tell which one is a better performer since the list of acceptable ads list is increasing of both adblockers.

During my testing of these adblockers, I have found that the list of companies pays both to ad their ads in their whitelist.

Moreover, by using some unique algorithms, Google cannot be traced by these adblockers in Chrome. This means Google ads still get through. However, the quantity of those ads is not much.

Apart from Google thing, both Adblock is reliable and perform reasonably to block the majority of ads, text ads, pop-ups, side video banners, and flashing banners.

Additionally, during testing I found out that Adblock is slower as compared to Adblock Plus in both Firefox and Chrome. Especially when you open many tabs, Adblock shows great fall in speed in blocking ads. Whereas when you perform the same testing with Adblock Plus, the performance is slightly going down.

However, when it comes to finding out on which browser Adblock Plus performs better? The answer is Firefox. Adblock Plus performs better on Firefox even you open more than 20 tabs at once. And even on Google Chrome, It still performs better than Adblock.

Therefore when it comes to which performs better, I guess Adblock Plus is a clear winner here. A person like me wants a fast adblocker while open dozen of tabs. This is why slow performer is always ranked last in my list.

Final Verdict

To decide which one deserves the throne of best adblocker in 2019 between Adblock vs Adblock Plus, I guess it is not so easy to find a clear winner since both adblockers perform well. And also very similar regarding features and UI.

Moreover, since both adblockers almost the same whitelist of ads, it is pretty difficult to choose which one is better between both. While it is annoying having to opt out of ‘acceptable ads’ both extensions, make it simple, and the same can be said for making any changes.

So which should you choose? That is up to you. But if like me, you use multiple tabs and care about speed, Adblock Plus has the edge.

And if you are looking for my opinion, I don’t use both of them because StopAd is the best so far when you are looking for complete adblocker tool.

In case, if you still have any query or want to share your valuable experience, feel free to contact us. For contacting us, please shout out your comment below.


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