Bitdefender vs Avast – Comparison of Security Features 2019

Bitdefender or Avast is a prolonged debate that makes the situation hard for you regarding which antivirus is best for you.

However, if you are looking for the answer related to which antivirus is best to use, then you have come to the right place.

bitdefender vs avast

After getting a massive amount of emails from our audience regarding Bitdefender vs Avast, our professional tech team does extensive testing of both antiviruses.

This extensive testing of both antiviruses includes a list of comparisons that help you to decide which antivirus works great for you.

Therefore, without wasting more time let’s find out which antivirus is best to use by going through the detailed comparison and testing results.

Pros & Cons – Bitdefender vs Avast

Bitdefender (9.2/10)


  • Bitdefender antivirus scan performs a robust action in detecting and removing different malicious programs and malware efficiently. On the scale of 1 to 10, according to tech expert, Bitdefender falls under 9.2 rating
  • The overall security provided by Bitdefender antivirus is phenomenal. The best feature of this antivirus is “repairing different programs and apps” which are affected by malicious malware or virus. Not only that it’s repairing feature outcast all the other antivirus providers
  • Offers parental control feature that helps to restrict your children and other users in the house appropriately which keeps your system safe from different malicious virus attacks
  • Offers numerous layers of protection against Ransomware and keeps your files and documents virus and malware free. Similar to malwarebytes free.
  • Doesn’t affect the system’s performance aggressively, which provide the same smooth experience while using Bitdefender on its system
  • Offers webcam protection features
  • One of the most outstanding features that Bitdefender offers is that it encrypts users confidential documents and files by creating complex passwords and secured vaults.


  • The parental control feature requires more detailed feature as it is still very complicated for the majority of users to use it. Moreover, this parental feature is only available with the premium version of Bitdefender.
  • If you compare Bitdefender vs Avast, then the customer of Bitdefender is very slow.

Avast (9.6/10)


  • Avast is a top-notch antivirus as compared to other antiviruses available in the market. After extensive testing of Avast, our tech expert team gives Avast 9.6 out of 10.
  • Safe zone feature notifies the user whenever they are trying to install some malicious program or apps.
  • Provides an option to set up regular scan on your system, which keeps your system clean without distracting your work
  • The premium version of Avast offers some exceptional tools that are essential to keep your system virus and malware free.
  • Customer support is incredibly useful and assists 24/7 in case you need any help.
  • The gaming detector by Avast is one of the outstanding features. When you start gaming on your system, the Avast antivirus automatically shut down the unwanted programs to free the resources.
  • The free version of Avast antivirus offers some incredible security features, which some paid version of antivirus failed to provide.


  • The biggest problem with Avast antivirus is that it comes with other products. These extra apps make several quirks, which creates difficulty for the users.
  • Avast, a password management feature does not have all the features that other paid version of antiviruses offers such as password reset and multifactor authentication.

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Bitdefender vs Avast – Which one has Low Prices?

Bitdefender VersionsPriceAvast Antivirus VersionsPrice
Bitdefender Free VersionFree (Unlimited Devices)Avast Free VersionFree (Unlimited Devices)
Bitdefender Plus Version$39.98/Annually (3 years)Avast Pro Version$49.99/Annually (1 Device)
Bitdefender Online Security Version$49.99/Annually (3 Devices)Avast Online Security Version$59.99/Annually (1 Device)
Bitdefender Total Security$49.99/Annually (5 devices)Avast Premier Version$79.99/Annually (1 Device)
Bitdefender Security for Family$69.98/Annually (Unlimited Devices)Avast Ultimate Version$119.99/Annually (1 Device)
Bitdefender Virus DetectorFree (Unlimited Devices)Avast Security VersionFree (Unlimited Devices)
Bitdefender for Mac$39.99/Annually (1 MacBook)Avast Pro Security Version$59.99/Annually (1 Device)
Winner: Bitdefender

Features Comparison – Bitdefender vs Avast

Both Avast and Bitdefender software provides ultimate protection, and that is why it is challenging to say which one is better.Winner
If you compare Bitdefender and Avast, both antiviruses perform a robust action against malware and different threatsWinner
The premium version of Bitdefender is much cheaper and economical than Avast premium productsWinner
Avast interface is much more comfortable and user-friendly as compare to BitdefenderWinner
Impact on System
Both antiviruses software work exceptionally good to keep your device safe from different malware and threats. However, Bitdefender is much more lightweight than AvastWinner

Options and Packages You will get with Bitdefender

For Windows Users

The Bitdefender free version offers all the necessary protection without providing any extra feature. The basic security features work significantly in protecting your device from viruses and malware.

It also offers some free security tools like other free antivirus products offer. However, one thing that concerns me, Bitdefender free version does not provide password manager as other security suites do.

But it includes some unique feature like protection against fraudulent and phishing sites since PayPal phishing is new to trick customers by sending convincing emails and redirecting to fake websites.

Another security feature Bitdefender offers a separate Home Scanner, which is totally free. This security tool provides features like analyzing buggy devices and weak passwords in your network.

In this way, it provides a helpful recommendation to improve your device and online security. Bitdefender also offers a free tool for removing adware and ransomware.

However, if you are looking for ultimate security, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019 should be your choice. The premium version of Bitdefender offers the following additional features:

  • Silent option while gaming
  • Make your browser secure and safe for online shopping
  • Provides a password vault
  • A file shredder (provides a process of deleting sensitive docs securely and permanently
  • Battery Saver
  • And extra care from customer support since you opt for the premium version
  • Vulnerability scanner that checks for security holes, outdated/vulnerable software, missing Windows patches, and potentially dangerous settings
  • Offers rescue disk feature to prevent malicious infections

Bitdefender Internet Security 2019

If you are looking for high security for your device, Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 must be your choice. This Internet Security Suite 2019 by Bitdefender additional features include:

  • Webcam protection
  • Parental