Is your antivirus best protector of your device in 2019? Well if hackers can break into NASA’s system to steal confidential data, there is not a damn thing that can protect your entire privacy.

So is there any way to protect your device against deadly malware and viruses? The only thing you can do is by choosing best antivirus for your device.

Best Antivirus

So is there any antivirus that can protect your device like Batman does to save Gotham? In this article, I am going to help you to decide which antivirus is best for you in 2019.

What Kind of Features Should The Best Antivirus Have in 2019?

If you ask me, what rather features “the best antivirus” should possess in 2019? After spending almost 38 hours in testing some of the reputable software in antivirus industry, finally I make standards for evaluation.

“Best Antivirus” is the one, which can protect your device not only from data collecting Trojans. But it must have capabilities to secure against multiple malicious programs.

Such as spyware, adware, ransomware, keyloggers, rootkits, malware and much more. However, there are hundreds of antiviruses available in the market who claims to provide the best security services.

But after testing over 35 premium antiviruses only few of them are efficient enough to get stellar ratings. The antiviruses that I put in my list have all traditional security tools with the ability to block malware.

Furthermore, the security software that makes the top of “best antiviruses” list offers some unique features. Like, e.g. offers not only security shield but also make your device perform efficiently to their best.

Best Antivirus in 2019

Avast (9.7/10)


Avast Antivirus includes some outstanding features including a scan for home router problems. Moreover, also offer to secure browser feature while doing transactions and multiple phenomenal security options.

Not only has that, but Avast also gets full star rating from AV-comparatives in recent testing on 15th October 2018.

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(Source: Fat Security)

Bitdefender (9/10)


Only one or two antiviruses get better ratings in testing. Moreover, this antivirus is the only security product that gets proficient ratings in the antiphishing test.

Top of the line Bitdefender offers some high-quality security tools that enhance your device security, privacy and system performance. This is why it is one of my personal recommendation for you.


(Source: Fat Security)

Kaspersky (9.5/10)


Kaspersky antivirus tool gets the whopping five-star rating from all the reputable testing labs. And without a doubt, it is one of the best antiviruses that is trust worthy and reliable, when it comes to privacy and security.

The only thing that makes me concern about this amazing antivirus is that it is very heavy for low specs devices that affect their performance greatly.

Otherwise, if you are using high spec device, this antivirus has all the potential of becoming your security arsenal.

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(Source: Fat Security)

Malwarebytes (8.5/10)


Malwarebytes is not the traditional antivirus tool like others in the list. But have advance shield system against some unique malware attacks.

It has all the potential to replace your free fragile security tool by providing strong real of protection to your device. If you are concerned about security and want to know is malwarebytes legit and safe you can dig out more.


(Source: Fat Security)

ESET (8/10)


When I was testing ESET antivirus, it performs not the best but enough to secure your device from regular malware and viruses.

This antivirus is best for those users who do not use their windows and Mac devices for business and technical purposes. It also gets almost full star ratings from some of the reputable test labs.

However, when we test ESET to its maximum by running full of malware URL and antiphishing test, it collapses constantly. In short, ESET is a great warrior for basic users but not good for professional users.

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ESET-Best Antivirus

(Source: Fat Security)

Panda (7/10)


Panda Antivirus has the similar incredible antivirus protection as Panda Free Antivirus, plus a firewall and a handful of other features.

Stick with the free edition for personal use, as the added features don’t justify the cost (except for businesses, which can’t use the free version).

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Panda-Best Antivirus

(Source: Fat Security)

Webroot (9/10)


Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus gets the full star ratings from some of the reputable testing labs. And it shows great malware blocking abilities during testing against some deadly viruses.

Moreover, the most amazing thing about this antivirus is that it is very lightweight, which means best for low specs devices. This is why it is my another strong recommendation for users with low specs devices.

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Webroot-Best Antivirus

(Source: Fat Security)

McAfee (7.5/10)


McAfee Antivirus Plus gets a high score in malicious URL blocking test, and it gets good scores from the labs too.

It comes with a raft of useful bonus tools, though the bonus firewall seemed a bit fragile in our testing

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McAfee-Best Antivirus

(Source: Fat Security)

AVG (8.5/10)


Businesses that want to use AVG’s antivirus technology can’t use the free version; they must pay for AVG Antivirus.

With the same amount of cash, however, you could purchase any of my recommended antivirus products.

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AVG-Best Antivirus

(Source: Fat Security)

Best Antivirus Comparisons

Why Should You Choose Paid Over Free Antivirus Tools?

The question comes into your mind why use paid/premium version when you can use free antivirus? Well, this is one of the most common questions ask by many users frequently when choosing the best antivirus.

In reality, free antiviruses are only for testing like a test drive when you are planning to buy a car, therefore, once you are done with testing, you need to upgrade your antivirus.

Another big reason why you should not use a free antivirus on permanent basis is that it is only capable of detecting different malware and viruses but does not provide a solution for it.

Paid antivirus, on the other hand, keep your device protected against all kind of deadly viruses. However, there are still some great versions of free antiviruses out there but fail to provide some core aspects:


Best antivirus should possess great speed when it comes to detect malicious malware. After testing more than 40 free antiviruses, I analyze the scanning speed is way slower and take hours for malware detection.

Moreover, not all of them are strong enough to detect viruses in real time scanning. However, paid versions of these antiviruses detecting speed significantly improve.

Additional Features

While using free antivirus, I am damn sure that you also stuck in a scenario where you need to upgrade your antivirus to remove some unique kind of Trojan or virus.

This is one of the biggest reason that I never recommend you to use free antivirus for your device. Think the time logically you will take to upgrade your antivirus; the malware already infects your device.

Additionally, premium antiviruses also notify you while browsing in case of any malware detection. To add, premium antivirus also capable of infected pop-ups, which hackers plant to steal your data.

This is why my best antivirus list entirely contains premium antiviruses from top to last.

Trust the Labs While Choosing a Best Antivirus

While testing multiple antiviruses, I believe there are several lab testing services to which I can trust blindly.

Why I trust the results of these testing labs is because of their unprejudiced policies. And without favoring any of the antivirus service on monetary agreement.

Moreover, these test applies upon the request of security software vendors and brand team to improve their product.

However, at some point, if these security software developers are trying to mess around to get better performance result in official testing, these testing labs revealed it on an immediate basis.

Therefore, I shortlist only few labs out ten most reputable ones in the online security industry. And AV-Comparatives is the one that testing results I consider with my review.

However, remember that including lab test result in my review does not mean that I will represent the similar list of best antivirus as AV comparatives do.

The results of this article regarding best antivirus in 2019 compile according to AV-Comparatives I include and some additional testing measures on a scale of 0 to 10 ratings.

Testing Measures To Get Best Antivirus in 2019

Apart from testing lab results, I also take various reputable antivirus to test their protection ability. Surprisingly most of the results were similar to AV-comparatives results, but not all are same.

The testing measures, which I take testing different antiviruses, depend on how effectively they detect and fix the virus. And give them ratings accordingly.

To provide you best antivirus, I take a further step by running these antiviruses with deadly malware and analyzing that what percentage these antiviruses capable of blocking malware, viruses and Trojans.

Antiviruses that are effectively blocking malware and viruses during browsing and download get full star ratings.

What’s the Best Antivirus in 2019: Final Verdict

So which is the best antivirus you should choose 2019? Well for me Avast antivirus has all the abilities and features that protect your device to the maximum whether it’s Mac or Windows.

Moreover, Avast also gets lots of praise from different testing labs. Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus is also a very good option for devices with low specs since is one of the low profile antiviruses around.

Bitdefender Antivirus is another great option that is force to reckon with due to its Autopilot feature. However, the three antivirus I mention above is according to my personal taste.

However, there are more antiviruses in the above mention list which are also very good to use. Therefore, you have a bunch of antiviruses from which you can choose according to your need.

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