12 Best Bluestacks Alternative Android Apps for PC You Should Try in 2019

Few days ago, I was spending much time in searching for best Bluestacks alternative since I was having trouble using Bluestacks due to it requires massive space in hard drive to run efficiently.

It means when I am using Bluestacks Android Emulator on my PC; I can’t do multitasking because when I start using another application with that, the PC starts lagging, and thus I can’t be able to use any app smoothly on my PC.

For this reason, my struggle for searching alternative to Bluestacks becomes more aching since now I have to find a best plus a lightweight Bluestacks alternative to get the smooth experience while playing my favorite game on Android emulator.

Furthermore, one more reason which keeps pushing me to use these Bluestacks alternatives is Bluestacks Safety concerns.

Therefore, I started to communicate with Android users and developers all around the world to find out the top 12 best Bluestacks alternatives in 2018. Moreover, after lots of surveys and interviews, we finally create our list of best Android emulators in 2018.

So without wasting your time lets dig into which Bluestacks alternative gets a place in our top 12 list with extensive detailed information, which helps you in deciding which Bluestacks alternative is best for you.

Best Bluestacks Alternative Android Emulators for PC

1- Nox vs Bluestacks

If you are a game freak and loves to play games on Android, then Nox is one of the best Bluestacks alternatives for windows. Moreover, it is very difficult to say when you talk about which one is better between Bluestacks vs Nox.

However, the interface of Nox is incompatible as compared to other Bluestacks alternatives for windows. However, once you start using it, then it will become very handy for you.

nox bluestacks alternative

Furthermore, this Bluestacks alternative comes with pre-installed, which means you do not need to install file explorer or use other methods to install apps.

This Nox emulator also offers some unique features like gestures, screen recording and simulate touch, which makes it one of the top-notch Bluestacks alternatives.

Nox player runs on older version of Android 4.4 (KitKat). But still provide some phenomenal features that are still not offered by various Bluestacks alternatives. In short, this Android emulator is one of the best alternative to Bluestacks, which is loved by millions of users.

2- Bluestacks vs Andy

This Bluestacks alternative for mac and pc has some futuristic Android features that make you addicted to it. Andy is considered as one of the handiest Bluestacks alternatives of all time.

One of the best feature we found during testing that this Android emulator works efficiently with WhatsApp, IMO, Viber or other communication apps while you can play your favorite game at the same time.

andy bluestacks alternative

Moreover, while using this Bluestacks alternative, you can use your Android device as a controller. Or you can use other apps and do different things on your desktop. In short, if you give me an option, which Android emulator you want to use between Andy vs Bluestacks, we think without a doubt Andy is a winner.

This Bluestacks alternative is the best option to bring the PC and your Android device together.

3- MEmu vs Bluestacks

This Bluestacks alternative provides great support for both Intel chipsets and AMD. It makes MEmu perform well and faster as compared to other alternatives available in the market.

Moreover, due to AMD and Intel chipsets support, you can do multiple things while using MEmu at one time. It makes MEmu, one of the fewer Android emulators that operate as large as lollipop version does.

MEmu bluestacks alternative

Like if, you are looking for handy and efficient Android emulator for your PC, then this Bluestacks alternative is the best option for you. Further, if you particularly talk about Andy as compared to other alternatives, we suggest you use it for productivity purposes rather than playing games on it.

4- Amiduos vs Bluestacks

This Bluestacks Alternative is popular for its lightweight and handy features that can perform well on the PC, which has low specs.

Moreover, Amiduos gives you the experience of the latest Android version on your desktop and provides ultimate experience of using full flash Android OS on your PC.

Amiduos bluestacks alternative

Although apart from its exceptional features, you have to pay for this Android emulator after one-month free trial. However, if you are using the free version of Amiduos, then you won’t be able to experience some unique features.

5- Youwave vs Bluestacks

If you are looking for a Bluestacks alternative that works perfectly fine on a later version of Windows (Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1), Youwave Android emulators can do miracles for you.

Moreover, this Youwave supports systems with average specs and also offers 64 bit and 32-bit software versions-which is impressive.

Youwave bluestacks alternative

This alternative to Bluestacks is one of the oldest Android emulators, which offers support to multiple older systems. Although you have to purchase this Android, which cost you around $19.99. However, the features it provides such multi-player online gaming makes it worth it.

6- Windroy vs Bluestacks

Windroy is a recent entry in the market, but due to its handful and eye-catching interface, in a very short time, it is a list in of the best alternative to Bluestacks. Like other Bluestacks alternatives, Windroy app also works fine on your desktop.

Moreover, it is free and due to its messaging app feature while gaming at the same time. Makes this Android emulator very popular in a very short time.

Windroy bluestacks alternative

Furthermore, this outstanding alternative to Bluestacks supports Mac OS and Windows both, which is makes it more likable among users. Moreover, you can also control different apps on it by using a mouse that makes it handier to use.

7- QEMU vs Bluestacks

QEMU is also known as Quick Android Emulator and consider as a pretty good alternative to Bluestacks. The exciting thing is this open source emulator is completely free and works great on Linux, Windows, and Mac.

QEMU bluestacks alternative

Moreover, the version of QEMU on Linux and Mac is handy to use. And that is why its demand is very high.You can download from its official website. And enjoy your all-time favorite games and apps, which are not available on iOS.

The best features of QEMU that makes it apps like Bluestacks is because of its ultra-smoothness functionalities, emulation feature, user mode emulation and much more.

8- Genymotion vs Bluestacks

This Android emulator is one of the best free Bluestacks alternatives for mac and pc. Brace yourselves because this Bluestacks alternative will fulfill your Android apps and games craving in most handy and trendy way.

Genymotion bluestacks alternative

The way Genymotion is designed creates exciting and soothing feel due to its ultimate support of Android version from 2.3 to Nougat 7.0 and probably will support the latest Android version. This is why this alternative to Bluestacks has become one of the most highly anticipate substitution in the market.

However, this Android emulator is for developers since it offers test beta features of different apps.

9- Remix OS Player vs Bluestacks

Before Remix OS is considered as one of the top alternatives to Bluestacks, it already got incredible fame among users, Android developers, and software illiterates due to its handful feature and efficient performance.

Remix OS Player

This Bluestacks alternative has all the features and potential to become a top-notch Android emulator. It is because it runs on the latest version of Android, which means it can support Android all-time apps.

However, the major drawback of this free Bluestacks alternative is that it can configure only on high specs system.

10- KoPlayer vs Bluestacks

One of the latest alternatives to Bluestacks in the market, KoPlayer manages to make its place in top-notch Android emulators. The main objective to design this Bluestacks alternative is to offer a pro gaming experience.

KoPlayer bluestacks alternative

One of the unique features of KoPlayer offers that you can use is key mapping option to emulate the controller with keyboard.

Moreover, it also offers game recording and sharing feature, which push the game freaks to switch on this alternative. Lastly, this Bluestacks alternative is very handy to use. And the features it offers makes it worth it because it is free.

11- Android-x86 vs Bluestacks

It feels like this Bluestacks alternative is designed to offer nostalgia experience of Android OS on your desktop. Android-x86 is one of the open source Android emulator available in the market that users are mostly developers.

android-x86 bluestacks alternative

The reason why users of this Bluestacks alternative are mostly developers is that it offers to test of multiple applications on a different version of Android.

However, due to its ultimate Android app developing features, the requirement to run this alternative to Bluestacks is very high. So if you have a high-end processor, then nothing can stop you to experience this outstanding Bluestacks alternative.

12- Dolphin vs Bluestacks

The only reason why we list this alternative to Bluestacks is that it supports all the major platforms. Platforms on which this Bluestacks alternatives works  includes Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Moreover, Dolphin comes with all the features that must be an offer by a standard Android emulator.

Dolphin bluestacks alternative

Another unique feature of this Bluestacks alternative offer is that user can replay the game if he thinks its cheating. It means no one can win the game by doing cheating-which is quite alluring for users.

This alternative to Bluestacks supports low specs systems. But we should suggest you to use it on high specs system to get the smooth experiencing while gaming.

Wrapping – Up

Android emulator is one of the best innovation so far for Android users to experience their favorite games and apps.

However, it is pretty difficult to find out which Bluestacks alternatives is best for you. Especially when there are 100’s of Android emulators available in the market.

Because of the above-mentioned reasons, we decided to create this blog to assist in an efficient manner. We hope you would find this article helpful in deciding which alternative to Bluestacks is best for you.

In case if you still have any confusion or query, feel free to contact us, by shouting your comment below.

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