Google Play Server Errors and Quick Solutions to Fix Them

There is a situation when you try to download any app from Play store, and you hit the install “option”, then suddenly a message appears which says ‘Google Play Server Error’.

This scenario makes you desperate especially when you are in a hurry, and you can’t do anything because it’s the only way to download the app on your Android device. It is a very achy situation, right?

But don’t worry because we are here to provide you best remedy to cure different Google play server errors with the help of our tech experts.

This article will provide you with reliable solutions to fix the most common Google Play server errors. And multiple fixes for all other errors that might incur while downloading the app on your Android device.

Here is the list of most common Google play errors you might face while downloading the app on your android device.

Google Play Store Server Errors

Error 905

Error 905 error usually appears when you try to download any app from Google Play store. This error gives you no other option except to cancel the download. This error is one of the most common Google Play server error, face by the Android users while downloading any app from Play Store.

How to Fix it?

There are two methods to fix error 905. Here is the first method to fix this error

  1. First Unlock your Android device > Go to Settings options
  2. Now search for Display option and Tap on it
  3. Now tap on Sleep option and select Never (If your Android device doesn’t show “Never” option, then set it to longest duration available)
    fix Error 905
  4. Now go to Google Play Store option and try to download an app

In case if the error is still there, then try method 2 to solve this issue

  1. Turn on your Android device and go to Settings
  2. Now look for “Google Play Store” app and tap on it
  3. Tap on three dots vertical menu option which is located on the top part of the screen and select “Uninstall Updates” option
    Error 905 fix
  4. The pop will appear > select “OK.”
  5. Now go to Google Play Store and download whichever app you want to download.

Error 505

Another most common Google Play server error is 505. This error also occurs when you try to download any app from Play store but not due to the same reason as error 905. The purpose for error 505 is due to permission conflict between apps and your Android device.

This error usually occurs on those Android devices that are running OS 5.0 (lollipop) version. This error mainly occurs in older OS.

So what’s the solution?

How to Fix it?

There are four methods to resolve this error. So try the following methods until you successfully remove this error from your Android device

The first method to fix error 505 is to check whether Download Manager feature enables or not. In case if the Download Manager feature is turned off, then this might be the case that the app you want to install or download process would not work on your Android device.  Here are the steps to check the Download Manager feature.

  1. Launch your Android device > go to Settings > App or Application Manager (based on your version of your device)
  2. Now search for Download Manager option > select enable option
    fix Error 505
  3. Now go to Google Play Store and download or install the app

The second method to fix error 505 is to update your Android device to the latest version. Following are the steps to update your Android device.

  1. Unlock your Android device > Settings > tap on About Device option (like for example if you are using Android phone select “About Phone” option and so on)
  2. Now search for System Update option and tap on it
    Error 505 fix
  3. If the update is available > tap on Install option and wait for the process.
  4. After the update is complete,> try to download or install any app from Google Play Store

Deleting the cache data memory from Google Play Store and Google Services may resolver Google Play server error 505. Here are the steps to delete or clear cache from your Android device

Clear Cache-Google Services Framework

  1. Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications
  2. tap on Google Services Framework > Search for “Clear Data or Clear Cache” option and tap on it

Clear Cache-Google Play Store

  1. Replicate the first step of Clear Cache-Google Services Framework
  2. Tap on Google Play Store and select Clear Data or Clear Cache option.
    Error 505 clear cache

Google Play Server Error might appear on your Android device due to Play Store updates. This happens due to massive updates of different apps at one time that blocks the update of Play Store which results in error 505. Here are the steps to reinstall Google Play Store updates

  1. Unlock your Android device and go to Settings > Application Manager or
  2. Search for Google Play Store and tap on it
  3. Select Uninstalling Updates option > a pop up will appear which says “Change Play Store App to Factory Version > accept it by tapping on it.
    Change Play Store App
  4. Now go to the Google Play Store app and wait for update refresh.

In case, if you still find it difficult to follow mentioned above methods to resolve Google Play Server error 505, you can also watch the following video to fix it

Error 491

Google Play Server error 491 is very similar to error 905 and 505. This error occurs mainly in ZTE Android devices, but it is also possible that you could face in other Android supported devices as well.

Error 491

However, the primary objective of this guide is to how to fix this error. Following are some key methods that might help you to fix this error.

How to Fix it?

For Error 491, two reliable methods to fix it, which are “Delete and Reset your Android Device (1)” and “Delete and Clear Cache (2)”. Following are the steps to follow these methods.

  1. Turn on your Android device and go to apps menu > select Account option
  2. Now select the Google Account option and delete it
  3. Reset your device
  4. After the reset process is complete > Go to Google Account and enter your account
  5. Now check whether this error is stopping appearing while you install or download app or not

To apply Delete and Clear Cache method, replicate method 3 of the Google Play server error 505 which is mentioned above.

Error 501

This Google Play server error mainly occurs due to anonymous “App Name” bug while you try to download or install the app from Play Store. Although sometimes when you try to install or download the app after the first session, it won’t happen again, this might be the case of one out of thousand.

So what’s the solution to fix this error?

How to Fix it?

Following are the five methods to fix error 501 on your android device


The first method is more like tip rather than following step by step method to fix error 501. In case your device suffering from this error, try to download one app at a time. This method seems very common, but sometimes it works just fine to fix error 501.


The second method to fix error 501 is based on uninstall updates of Google Play Store. To apply this method, follow method 4 for Google Play server error 505, which is mentioned above.


If the second method to fix error 501 doesn’t work for you, then try to update Google Play Services to fix this error. Here are the steps to update Google Play Services

  1. Unlock your Android device > Settings > Application Manager
  2. Now select “Tap on All” option
  3. Search for Google Play Service app and tap on install updates


If the mentioned above failed to resolve Google Play server error 501, then try to clear data and cache of both Google Services Framework and Google Play Store, you can apply this method by following the method 3 for error 505.


Sometimes flashing the ROM of your Android device might fix error 501. It is possible that error 501 occurs due to the incompatibility of apps with OS. Follow these steps to flash your Android device

  1. First power off your Android device and wait for the process
  2. After it’s completely switched off > Press Volume down button + Home button + Power button simultaneously
  3. Now Wipe Cache Partition option will appear on the screen > Use volume buttons to navigate it and then press Home button for confirmation.
  4. This process will reset your Android device to default.
  5. Now try downloading any app from Google Play Store and checking whether error 501 is fixed or not.

Google Play Server Error FAQ’s

What is Google Play Services?

Google Play Services is a default app which is installed on Android devices. It doesn’t offer any direct features as Google Play Store does. And when you to open this app by tapping on it, nothing will happen.

However, like other apps, it requires regular updates, which is weird. So what this app does and why it is present on every Android device? Google Play Services is an app which controls backend systems operation by intimately connected with the central processor of the Android system.

The primary function of Google Play Services is to allow different apps to communicate with each other with the help of API’s.

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Google Play Store Won’t Open?

The reason for Google Play store won’t happen due to multiple reasons. However, if you are facing one of the mentioned above Google Play Server errors, the solutions which are given in this blog would help you significantly to fix Google Play Store won’t open issue.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you would find this blog helpful to fix “Google Play Server Errors” to get the access to the Play Store to install your favourite apps on your Android devices.

However, the errors, which are mentioned above in this blog regarding “Google Play Server”, are some of the most common errors found on Android devices regarding Google Play Store.

In case if you still have any query or confusion to fix “Google Play Server Errors” on your Android device, feel free to contact us by mentioning your comment below.

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