How to Delete Youtube Video and Channels – Simple Guide

In our life, sometimes we thought that we particularly already know about this website or app like how to use and apply different things until you get in the situation that you never face before.

That’s what happens to me when one of my friends called me at midnight and asked me to do you know how to delete YouTube Video?

This is the moment where my mind got blanked, and I start thinking what a big fat failure I am, especially when you are very multiple domains, software, and app.

The pain was so intense that I put my phone on the bed and immediately ran towards my laptop. I decided that I won’t come out of my room until a find an answer for “How to delete a video on Youtube.”

And after so much research and I finally figure out that “How to delete Youtube video.” And now I was feeling greater again and see myself “YouTube King.”

Moreover, when I got emails regarding “How to delete a video on Youtube,” finally I decided to write a guide for my audience.

So without wasting any time let’s find out “how to delete Youtube video” by following some step by step methods.

How to delete Youtube Video

Deleting a video from Youtube might be due to multiple reasons. Sometimes you want to delete a video from Youtube is because you mistakenly uploaded the wrong one.

Sometimes you get the notification to remove it. Moreover, sometimes you think that the video I shared could be better and decided to delete it from Youtube.

However, for all the above-mentioned scenarios the only answer to resolve this solution is hidden in the question which is “How to Delete Youtube Video.” To do so:

  1. Go to Make sure that you are logged in.
  2. Select My Channel and then Video Manager.
    my channel
  1. YouTube Video Manager page will open up, and you’ll see a list of all your videos. Mark the one you want to delete and click on Actions.
  1. Select the Delete option to remove video forever. Also, you can hide the video without deletion. To do it, click Private or Unlisted.

Note: One thing that I think I should mention here is to think before you deleting a video from Youtube since you can’t reload the video again from the same account.

How to Delete a Youtube Channel

If you decided to delete your Youtube channel due to some personal concerns or you, don’t want to keep it because you greatly lose the interest, don’t worry we have a solution for it.

But before going towards the solution, I want to clear one more thing here which is asked by so many people is that “what’s the difference between Youtube Channel and Youtube Account?”

Well, the simple answer to this query is that there is no Youtube Account because you always use your Google account to log in Youtube.

However, Youtube Channel is there and following are the steps to delete it:

  1. Log into YouTube account from a computer and click the wheel sign in your profile.
    wheel sign
  2. You’ll go to the Account Settings Click Advanced
    account settings
  3. Then click the Delete Channel button. You’ll be asked to log in again and confirm your channel deletion.
    delete channel
  4. Then click the Delete Channel button. You’ll be asked to log in again and confirm your channel deletion.
  5. Then click the Delete Channel button. You’ll be asked to log in again and confirm your channel deletion.

How to Delete a Youtube Video FAQs

How do I Delete a video I Uploaded to Youtube

By following the steps mentioned above for “How to delete Youtube video,” you can delete an uploaded video from Youtube.

How do I Delete My Video on Youtube

This might be the case on Youtube that you don’t upload any video but another video blogger uploaded the video, in which a part of your content exists and you actually don’t like it at all.

Now you want him to delete that video from Youtube from which your content is included. To do so:

  1. Try to contact the video publisher directly. If he is your mate, he may be quite sympathetic and delete it himself.
  2. Another option is to leave a comment asking to remove the video. YouTube video channel owner will get an alert about it.
  3. Also, you can go to About channel page and Send a Message requesting to delete a video. Unfortunately, if the YouTube channel owner doesn’t monitor its property quite often, the video will stay alive for a long time.
    send message

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I hope you would find this article helpful in finding an answer for “How to delete Youtube Video.” There is a time in life when we pretend like that we know each and everything.

However, there is always something left that we only came to know when we really want to do that, or our friends and family are stuck with this kind of specific situation.

In case, if you still have any query or want to add some valuable information, feel free to contact us by shouting out your comment below.

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