An Ultimate Guide to Restore your Smart Car Safety

It’s enormous! Smart car safety invention is one of the most useful and crazy developments in decades. They are efficient, profoundly advance and with the help of online mechanism, assist us in finding accurate location and safety precautions while driving.

“Reliability will be key. If such systems prove to be unreliable, people will leave in droves. So that’s a primary requirement. Safety is also a primary requirement. Privacy, security is part of the mix, but the top two are reliability and safety.”  – Vinton Cerf 

However, these smart cars connected with IOT (Internet of Things), which means it collects your online data to provide you different driving features such as navigation, traffic alert, driving precautions and much more. But at the same time, it is considered risky due to its openness to hackers to steal your online data and track your movement. And sadly there is no such official policy for smart car safety to reduce this certainty by the big guns of the auto industry, but they are more focused to produce more advanced models of connected cars without caring about the road safety of drivers.


Not only that, due to unawareness among the people about the high risk regarding these smart car safety, they are more willing to buy the newest model of them. According to Business Insider “, 42% of users in the US told that they prefer connected cars, and among 42% of users, most of them are young. Moreover, more than one-third of overall respondents said that if these smart cars don’t have the advanced feature they want, then there is no point to buy them.

But is there any way to secure your online privacy secure while driving smart cars? Well, unfortunately, there is no official implement we found on smart car safety for its users. However, as we always concerned with our audience online data safety, we found some useful tips for smart car safety that help you to secure your online data to the maximum.

What Kind of Data Collected by Smart Cars

These connected cars contain different broadband chips and integrated chips to provide the secure online connection. Without this, these smart cars failed to offer various online features, which we already mentioned above. The question here is how much data these smart cars connected to offer features to its users? It is shocking that these connected cars collect the hefty amount of online data. According to Hitachi “approximately Twenty-five GB data, a single smart car uploads every hour on the cloud,” which is massive. Twenty-five GB is equal to a whole season of TV show or dozens of movies.

So what kind of data do these connected cars collect? According to our tech expert analysis, “these smart cars collect data about everything, which is a grave concern. It collects data that is not only associated with its performance but also route users locations, call history and use different algorithms with the help of sensors and microprocessors, which collects drivers behavior data. Furthermore, according to leading smart car safety engineers “the reason to collect data related to drivers behavior is to maintain the car performance and safety. Through the analysis of data, it provides almost accurate indications and information about traffic and roads.


However, these smart cars manufacture only talks about one side of the story, and nobody talks about how much risk associated with this technology, which is sad. When it comes to the collection of online data to provide users assistance and feature, there is a considerable risk associated in the form of hacker’s attacks. Just imagine if these smart car manufactures can assist drivers by stay connected via internet, then what hackers could do by controlling your car anonymously, is something, which might put drivers in risky position.

 Tips to Ensure Smart Car Safety

“If you lose control of the car or car features to someone else over the internet, it is a safety issue.”

(Scott Morrison)

Suppose you are driving a smart car and suddenly the functions of your vehicle start functioning abnormally and you sense that you are losing control, it means your car is now become a victim of hackers. However, there is a way to make yourself safe and secure from these hackers while driving a smart car. Based on our tech experts, here is the list of tips to make your smart car safety possible by keeping your online data secure from anonymous hackers.


Call AAA or Customer Support In case Your Smart Car Start Doing Thing of its Own

The first and most handy tips to make your smart car safety possible is to when you feel that your smart car is doing secret things and getting out of control, then switch off the vehicle immediately. After switching the car off, call service center or AAA, ask them to take the car to the manufacturer and do not try to drive by your own as the hacker could lead you into a severe accident.

Keep Your Smart Car Firmware Up to Date

Just like your other devices, keep your smart car firmware up to date without any delay. According to Gearbrain, “A smart car user needs to update the firmware on a regular basis, as these updates improve the bugs in the firmware that helps to limit the hackers to attack connected cars system and stealing driver’s personal information”.

Moreover, if you find difficult to update your smart car firmware, then there are several smart car safety videos available on different manufacturing organization website that could help you much.

Turn-Off Extra Feature That You Won’t Use

There is no doubt that there are multiple features in connected cars, which are very convenient and helpful.

However, they are some extra features, which are not that useful for every smart car users such as pairing feature (sync songs from your laptop via Smart Car Wi-Fi) or Bluetooth, etc. in order to enable smart car safety concerns. And these connectivity features could provide a gateway to hackers to steal your personal information.

Keep Your Self Up to Date

To keep yourself from these bad guys (hackers), it is essential to educate yourself regarding smart car saftey technology. According to our tech experts, “it is necessary to educate yourself while using highly advanced equipment and machines. By doing this, users would know which specific feature or equipment could hurt their online privacy and how to