My Name is VPN & I am The Unsung Hero of Your Online Privacy (What is a VPN?)

What is a VPN? I was, I am, and I will be Your Online Privacy Protector. From 1996 until now, I took billions of bullets on my chest to save your existence from the Thanos of the online world.

When it comes to the protection of online data, I put my all to protect you from dark online entities.

I provide you a world that is free from cyberstalkers, online abusers and child abusers. I have all the right to say that I am the only cure for all the online world disease that might turn your life in a nightmare.

You search for me on google with “Best VPN services,” “Top 10 VPN”, “Best VPN for Android,” “Best VPN for iPhone”, “Best VPN for Firestick”, “Best VPN for Kodi”, “Best VPN for Mac”, “Best VPN for Netflix”, “Best VPN for Torrenting”, “Best VPN for Windows” and the list goes on.

What is VPN and how it works

Unfortunately, no one ever does appreciate me that why the hell I am created? There are millions of blogs and videos available on me.

But sadly, none of them ever explained my phenomenon of how my protocols work.

Most of them failed to elaborate how I can provide connectivity of private network over the public network by using the ability of tunneling.

To add it is heart wrenching no one ever try to explain how I can provide tunneling feature. And no one ever does ask my opinion that if I want to be operated from 5 eyes, 9 eyes and 15 eyes countries.

As a provider of these secure private networking, I believe my users should know how I protect them.

I Am a VPN: Here are the Things You Should Know About Me

With the unending war against online security breaches and threats, majority of people need VPN services.

So what is the best way to explain me? Well, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a superhero in the form of a tool that ensures your online privacy and internet freedom.

Although since the population of the world grows exponentially, you can find me with hundreds of different labels and brands. However, a best VPN service should possess the following abilities:

  • Just like Superman, a good VPN service should appear anywhere globally by switching your IP address and location with the help of its servers.
  • It should have the ability like Juggernaut to protect your online data with the help of encrypting your internet traffic that makes it unreadable for online hackers, ISP, or surveillance agencies.
  • Like a Knight, it should secure and protect your devices from cyber-attacks and risk of public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Provide you geo-restricted content no matter at what location you are in the world.

Apart from providing protection and security, a best VPN service should possess the ability to serve censorship or restricted content and blocked domains.

Countries like China, North America, and the UK, a massive amount of people praises my existence for getting a secure, private and unblocked online experience.

Who Am I – What is a VPN

Some of you might know me with the name of Virtual Private Network.In the world full of deadly online privacy incidents; I am the one, which allows you to access the internet with privacy.

And also with the power of unblocking geo-restrictions, you can get the content which is blocked on your location.

In this biography, I am going to share with you following terms that are associated with me:

VPN client

This ability of mine appears in the form of software or app that connects your device to a VPN service. Most of you know this term as a VPN app.

VPN Protocol

This is a kind of technique of mine makes your device able to create a secured connection to a VPN server.

VPN Server

It is a server of mine with a single close point in a VPN network to which you can encrypt your internet traffic.

VPN Service

This term can be explained as overall me as an entity that assists you to use my VPN network. Offer in the form of VPN provider or VPN service such as Surf Shark, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, etc.

How I Work – How VPN Works

A VPN can produce an encrypted connection between your device and a VPN server. Like for example think of connection, which encrypted that work as a secure tunnel.

Now with the help of this protected tunnel, you can access everything on the internet while showing your location of the server other than the original one you connected to.


In this way with the help of my superpower abilities, it gives you maximum level of online anonymity. Provides you giant walls of security that gives you the freedom to access the internet.

How would be the Online World without VPN

The online world without a VPN would be full of anarchy. Everything thing you do on internet will be traceable by the Jokers and Lex Luthors of online world.

Cyber thieves can track or monitor you through your device’s IP address. In short, there is no way to hide your online activity from dark online entities if VPN does not exist.

Since every device that you use for internet such as desktop, smartphone, and tablet, all have a unique IP address.

However, by using a VPN, you can get anonymous in seconds by hiding your real location and IP address. And you do not have to be a worry to find the best version of me since I am also advanced with the time.

Therefore, there are large numbers of VPN providers that maintain servers globally. In this way, you can get a large number of connections and use the internet safely and securely.

Although for this you need first to download and subscribe me on your device, then you can instantly connect to any of the available VPN servers globally.

Yes, that is how I work and provide you ultimate protection while you are browsing online. But why do I exist? What is the reason behind the birth of online world hero like me?

Reasons for My Existence – Why You Need a VPN

Thanks to Gurdeep Singh Pall who sets the pillars of my existence by inventing a peer to peer tunneling protocol or PPTP.

One in four people use a VPN due to following reasons:

  • With VPN, you can browse internet anonymously by hiding your location and IP address.
  • With Me, you can do online surfing carefree since I am the one who provides you an additional layer of protection by encrypting your internet connection.
  • Just Like Batman, I can eliminate third parties, ISP, spy, and government agencies from tracking your online activities.
  • With my assistance, you can unblock geo-restricted websites and content.
  • You can stream and download content from most disputed media sites such as Torrent, Kodi and P2P download safely and securely.
  • With my super bypassing abilities, you can see censor content by preventing regional restrictions.
  • With me, you can avail huge discounts on flights by changing your IP address and location.
  • Just like Green Lantern, I can protect you from dark online entities (hackers and cyberstalkers) anywhere and anytime-especially while using public Wi-Fi during traveling.
  • With me, no one can ever find your financial information, credentials and personal information online.

Since I am the one, who gives my users online privacy and freedom, but this thing is bothering many organizations and spying agencies because I am interfering with attaining their objective to collect your data.

Online tycoons and government agencies, with their high power of spreading a chaos about my safety and legality. But here I have an answer to it.

Am I Safe to Use – Are VPNs Safe

Using VPN safely depends on for what purpose you are using it and which VPN provider you are using. But generally, I am safe to use if you are availing best quality VPN service.

However, it is a headache to identify the best VPN provider since they are hundreds of VPN brands. Even more than that if, you consider free VPN providers too.

Are VPN Safe

But keep this in mind most of the Free VPN providers that are available in the Google Play Store and App Store is full of glitches, bugs and malware that are vulnerable for your online privacy and security.

Therefore, free VPN providers are those who can fool you by creating cheap clone version of mine and horrendous for maintaining for your online privacy.

These are the following reasons due to which I will not suggest you to use my free VPN version:

  • They offer your data to third parties.
  • Most of them contain malware, and this is very normal with Free VPN providers.
  • They can make you fool by stealing your financial credentials and information.
  • Traffic leaks are a routine of Free VPN providers such as DNS leaks and IP leaks.
  • By providing you-so called privacy, these Free VPN steal your bandwidth and can do browsing hijacking too.
  • Most of the famous Free VPN providers set hidden tracking process to collect your data.

According to research, around 84% of free VPN providers on Android leak users’ data.

However, it is a fact that is even knowing the reality of these so-called free VPN; most people use for the sake of saving a tiny amount of money.

Not only Free VPN providers are fraud, but also look out for paid fake reviews and lifetime subscription deals.

In short, even some paid version of mine is not powerful enough to secure you online. So this is clear that high-quality VPN is entirely safe but not every VPN services safe to use at all.

Am I Legal to Use – Is VPN Legal?

Always one thing you should keep in mind that the use of VPN is legal when it comes to your online privacy. Even for the corporate sectors and security usage for different institutes.

And this is a kind of fact that never be change anytime soon. If you live in a democratic region, you have all the right to use me to maintain your online security.

Is Virtual Private Network Legal

However, they are still multiple countries especially in Middle East such as China and Saudi Arabia where the use of VPN is ban.

But to understand this VPN restriction issue especially in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia is due to restriction on using social platforms and things like Porn-streaming.

Although after all these restrictions in these countries, they cannot deny the existence of a VPN to protect online privacy rather than using it to bypass restricted government websites.

The same case goes with Russia and China. The Chinese government uses “Great Firewall” to block me and websites that offer ways to get access to some of the Best VPN providers.

After all these restrictions they are still some VPN providers who are helping people in China to protect their Online privacy such as VyprVPN, NordVPN, PureVPN, and ExpressVPN.

To add, the parameters of VPN legality changes when it comes to for which purpose you are using it.

Like, suppose a VPN as Jason Tod (Robbin). He protects people of Gotham by battling against one of the most deadly villains of the DC universe.

However, when Joker turns him into Red Hood, he becomes a powerful enemy of Batman and harms people of Gotham.

The same scenario goes with use of a VPN. Using of VPN for online privacy and security purpose is legal to use.

Even for the enterprises, businesses, banks and data centers who deal with confidential data have all the rights to use VPN.

But at the same time, if you use VPN to unblock the content that is restricted by the government or to spread violence by downloading inhuman content and spread it, it is totally illegal to use.

How You Can Setup Me To Protect Your Online Privacy? How to Setup a VPN?

There is no exact guideline to set up a VPN since it varies for different devices and also depends on the VPN provider you are using.

But when it comes to best VPN providers in the industry, most of them offer simple setup process for all types of devices and operating systems.

Here is the example of a standard process to set up a VPN:

  • First, select look for best VPN service according to your location and subscribe for it.
  • After purchasing it, download its app according to the device and OS you are using.
  • Once the VPN app installed on your device > Open it and login with credentials you get at the time of subscription.
  • Now select the server you want to connect and wait for the connection
  • After the connection process is complete, use internet with a secure and safe manner

Note: In Operating Systems such as iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows, you can also configure me by using built-in VPN capabilities on your device.

These OS use IPSec/IKEv2 or IPSec/L2TP protocols, rather than OpenVPN, which requires the use of apps.

All you need to download the VPN configuration setup files from your VPN provider if you really want to use this route.

Although the best way to use my services is through a VPN provider app or client since it gives all the features and unbreakable security.

Why is VPN Most Demanded Super Hero for Online Privacy Nowadays?

While reading this blog, out of thousands of questions running in your mind, there is a high probability that one question keeps hitting you regarding “Why VPN is necessary for online privacy?”

Before answering this question, I want you to know that the best version of mine (VPN) should be able to provide both security and privacy.

Why Virtual Private Network is necessary

Since the world is advancing and majority of things are now connected with internet, online privacy is a need of every citizen.

Let me tell you that without me, your government and ISP can track and collect your data. From browsing websites, comments on social media to your online shopping history and the list go on.

In the world where data is fuel to run businesses and to control citizens, many countries give instructions to internet providers to keep a log of users’ online data.

And if you really want to online privacy, I am the one (Best VPN Provider) who is the only complete solution for it.

With my abilities, an ISP can only track that you are online with the help of a VPN server. Since your all online activities are encrypted and secured by me, makes entirely unreadable to third parties.

Moreover, for the encryption power of mine, all credit goes to Ancient Greeks and Roman who gave the idea of this super useful idea.

With a VPN, using Public Wi-Fi is entirely secure to use. Hackers can easily steal using Public Wi-Fi networks without a VPN leads to a risky situation since your data.

The data includes your personal information, financial credentials, passwords, etc. I guess now its time to praise my efforts to keep you protected from the online monsters.

Will I Make You Completely Anonymous All Alone? – Is VPN Capable of Making You Entirely Anonymous Online?

Just like Batman who needs the assistance of Robbin and Catwoman to save the people of Gotham, only using VPN does not make you 100% anonymous while you are online.

In short, it does not matter how efficient VPN service you are using; it will not give you 100% anonymity.

Since we cannot deny the fact that mass surveillance agencies like NSA are much powerful to break into our online data, it is nearly impossible to sustain 100% online anonymity by using just a VPN.

However, it is not impossible to attain 100% anonymity. By following some necessary steps, you can increase your anonymity to the maximum. Here is how:

  • Use secure browsers for browsing on the internet. There is no doubt that most renowned organizations browsers are the most prominent data thieves.
  • The primary objective of collecting your data is to retarget with ads of those that you are interested in. Use reliable ad blocker to increase your online privacy with a VPN.

One more thing that most of the beginners ask regarding when it comes to how to use the VPN service in right way. By missing some basic things could lead you into danger.

Like for example:

Virtual private networks connection problems

To avoid this kind of situation when torrenting with VPN, you should turn on the VPN connection first before starting the Torrent app.

You should turn on the internet kill switch set so that if the VPN disconnects your internet will shut off and you will not leak your information.

Also, use p2p servers. You can check to see if you are really secure. Once you are done torrenting turn off the torrent app first, then the VPN app.

I have not received any notices while Torrenting likes this. Your internet service provider could detect you by the websites you visit and the download traffic from the Torrent app.

How VPN Encrypts Your Data and What is VPN Protocol

In a world where 100’s of a different version of mine available in the form of VPN providers, they provide multiple different VPN protocols via their client/app.

But what exactly VPN protocols are for? In simple words, VPN Protocol is a mechanism to create an encrypted and secure connection between the VPN server and your device for the transmission of data.


Here is the information regarding most popular VPN protocols nowadays:

PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol)

PPTP is the first ever tunneling protocol and play a vital role in the creation of a VPN. It is the oldest VPN protocol that is built in on popular operating systems.

However, since hackers and surveillance agencies are getting more advanced, PPTP is no longer consider as a safe protocol to maintain online privacy due to serious security vulnerabilities.

L2TP/IPSec (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with Internet Protocol Security)

L2TP/IPSec is not the best but good choice. But without any doubt, it is way more secure than PPTP. The major issue with this VPN protocol that it does not always offer best performance in term of speed.

And this happens because of data packets are double-encapsulated. L2TP are commonly used with smart or mobile devices and also comes built-in on several OS.


OpenVPN protocol is the most advanced and secure so far. This protocol can be used on all type of devices.

Since OpenVPN is an open source platform, specially develop for several types of authentication methods.

This VPN protocol has a versatile nature that can be useful for different types of devices. Moreover, it is full of amazing features and support of any port with TCP or UDP perform exceptionally well.

It also provides unbreakable encryption by using TLS protocols and the OpenSSL library.

IKEv2/IPSec (Internet Protocol Security with Internet Key Exchange)

IKEv2/IPSec version 2 is a fast and secure VPN protocol. It is automatically pre-configured in many operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS, and iOS.

It works very well for re-establishing a connection, especially with mobile devices. The one downside is that IKEv2 was developed by Cisco and Microsoft and is not an open-source project, like OpenVPN.

IKEv2/IPSec is an excellent choice for mobile users who want a fast, light-weight VPN that is secure and can quickly reconnect if the connection is temporarily lost.

SSH (Secure Shell)

Secure Shell or SSH creates the VPN tunnel through which the data transfer happens and also ensures that the tunnel is encrypted.

SSH connections are created by an SSH client and data is transferred from a local port on to the remote server through the encrypted tunnel.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) & TLS (Transport Layer Security)

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) create a VPN connection where the web browser acts as the client, and user access is restricted to specific applications instead of the entire network.

Online shopping websites and service providers most commonly use SSL and TLS protocol.

Web browsers switch to SSL with ease and with almost no action required from the user, since web browsers come integrated with SSL and TLS.

SSL connections have https at the beginning of the URL instead of HTTP.


WireGuard is a newbie in the VPN protocol family that has the objective to offer more efficient security and performance in comparison with existing ones.

Although it still not comes in the execution process since it is in development and auditing process. Very few VPN providers are testing it.

One thing you should keep in your mind that each VPN has its advantages and disadvantages from all of the above-mentioned VPN protocols.

OpenVPN is the most widely accepted and recommended VPN protocol since its secure and offers excellent performance. Moreover, the best thing about Open VPN is that it is an open source platform.

But when it comes to your VPN provider, it gives you options to select the protocol you want to use. However, if you are using a VPN on your mobile devices, you might have limited VPN protocols.

Specifically with iOS devices that use IKEv2/IPSec only. However, the best option so far when it comes to VPN protocol is OpenVPN where there are different protocols are available.

How VPN use Encryption to Secure Your Online Privacy

Since I am the only one who can secure your online privacy, I use the most reliable encryption. Most of the best providers of VPN use AES (Advanced Encryption Standards).

There are two main AES standards mostly use by VPN providers are the 128-bit and 256-bit key length.

And most of the VPN providers use 256-bit encryption but guess what 128-bit is more secure and well structure, even with quantum computing.

It means having high values does not says it is always more secure from the lower one. The major drawbacks of 256-bit AES are taken high battery usage and perform slower than 128-bit AES.

Apart from AES encryption standards, some VPN providers offers other encryption standards. Like for example Camelia and Blowfish, which are very rare to find.

What Kind of User Information Logs Should not Possess by Best VPN Service



This should be the most notable criteria that should be taken into consideration while choosing a VPN.

Before explaining what kind of information log should not possess by Best VPN service, in simple words there two different main types of VPN logs:

Personal Identifiable Information Logs

Personal identifiable information logs mean everything you do online including your IP addresses, location, time in and time out, browsing history, meta data and the list goes on.

This kind of information mostly maintained by free VPN providers, but it vanishes the meaning of using a VPN service.

Moreover, the paid VPN services do not keep logs of personal identifiable information. Most of them keep non-personal identifiable information.

Non-Personal Identifiable Information logs

Also known as connection logs that includes time, date, connection data and in very rare scenario IP addresses too.

This kind of information logs is maintain to resolve connectivity bugs, issues with the servers and to provide a secure connection to you.

It means keeping this kind of data is good since it ensures that your information is secure regularly. And in case of any loopholes, it can be resolved on an immediate basis.

No Logs

There are massive amounts of VPN providers who claim to follow “No logs” policy. However, in reality, there are few of them that neither keeps personal identifiable nor non-personal identifiable information.

So what kind of User Information Logs Should not Possess by Best VPN Service? Well, the best VPN service should not possess personal identifiable information at all.

However, as I mention above that collecting non-identifiable personal information log is good to keep by VPN providers since it helps to maintain the service efficiently and fix bugs on an immediate basis.

Sadly, there is still some VPN provider who claims to be “No logs” policy in their pros and cons sections. Moreover, also use it to promote their brands to be the best VPN providers in the world.

But most of them falsely claim that they follow no logs policy. So it is necessary to keep these logs types in mind when choosing a VPN service.

The Best Way to Get My Fast Speed and Performance

There are several things to keep in your mind to get the best speed and performance while using a VPN.

The first thing that most of the users do not bother to care about is to connect with the closest server to your location to get speedy performance while using a VPN.

speed and performance

Like for example if you are located in Germany and you are looking to unblock the content, which available in Canada, you should choose a server of Alberta instead of Ontario or Toronto.

Moreover, the sign of best VPN service is that it does not lose its speed when it is connected to VPN server. Although there a large variety of cheap VPN services available in the market that significantly suffer their speed.

This is because of poor distribution servers among its users. Here are some useful tips to get maximum performance and speed while using VPN:

  • Always use a paid and reliable VPN service. For this check out the VPN reviews on top-notch sites and also read users reviews too.
  • If possible connect to the nearest server available from your location.
  • If the above two option fails to improve your VPN performance, try to change the VPN protocols.

Note: Remember that the performance of VPN also depends on the device you are using, your internet connection and your internet provider throttling connections.

Am I The One Who Can Unblock Streaming Content For You?

Apart from getting your online privacy secure through VPN, it is highly in demand to stream unblock content globally.

Nowadays there is a lot of content available on the internet, which is geo-restricted to some specific locations, regions or countries.

And this is a painful situation for millions of users who love to binge content from other regions. For this, a VPN offers the tunnel feature to use any VPN server location globally.

It means with the help of VPN you can see all the restricted you want by using a VPN server of that location.

Like for example if I want to see a movie that is only available on US Netflix, with the help of VPN, you can choose a US server, and it automatically unblocks the US Netflix content in seconds.

Most of the popular uses of VPN to unblock content are:

  • How to stream Kodi via VPN
  • To stream Netflix Content (such as US Netflix) through VPN
  • How to stream BBC iPlayer outside UK through VPN
  • How to stream Amazon Through VPN
  • To Watch Hulu Through VPN

There is a massive amount of users who avail VPN services to unblock streaming sites. And channels that are geo-restricted at their location.

Why I am not Comfortable in 5, 9, 14 Eyes Countries

Think logically, VPN providers that are located in mass surveillance countries, are they really protecting your online privacy? The answer is straight no.

5, 9, 14 eyes countries and its cooperative allies are not the suitable place for any VPN provider to operate from there.

It simple words if any VPN provider operating from these “Eyes” countries make my existence meaningless.

These mass surveillance countries are always invading your online privacy. This is why you should only go for VPN providers that are not located in these mass surveillance countries.

For this, here is the information of 187 VPN providers regarding from where they are locating. And if your VPN provider keep logs or not.

So, if your VPN provider does keep logs, you can switch to secure alternative on immediate basis. And regain your online privacy:



After reading this detail blog, I hope you would now understand the utmost need of VPN to maintain your online privacy.

And how VPN works by using different data encrypting process, protocols, private servers and the other data protecting mechanisms.

Since the mass surveillance countries and agencies are getting so aggressive to collect users data. The demand of VPN in future will be all time high.

However, there is a catch that the demand for VPN increases for not so right reasons.

There are three main reasons for VPN demand. Which are mass surveillance alliances collaboration with private organizations, social media tracking and online censorship.

In past few years, most of the countries are banning or restricted domains that also leads to attain the objective of destroying the net neutrality by government agencies.

In this way, they will get more control on users’ and make their puppet.

It means they will get all the control; you see what they want you to see. You buy online things what they want you to buy and much more.

And this has been in process for a long time (programs like XKeyscore is one of the biggest example that spy on you for years).

So, going online without using a VPN really leaves your online activities exposed to dark online entities.

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    I can see the argument of protection of one’s country I guess, but absolute power corrupts absolutely, wouldn’t you agree… Fine article and good solid advice that for the most part I have been following for some time now.. I use a vpn constantly…
    My first choice is “windscribe”.
    Not sure if it’s great but it offers free 10gig of data per month.
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