Interview with Alexandru Iulian Florea: Founder of Blockchain Technologies

Privacy is hard to come by these days, especially when tech companies are hell bound to sell user data to Governmental agencies and third parties.

To rid users of this problem and give them a safe and secure browsing experience, we interviewed the CEO and Founder of, Alexandru Iulian Florea. is a game changer aiming at revolutionizing the internet by making privacy a top priority, especially in light of the recent news regarding unethical data collection and selling by Facebook is a prime example of how user privacy is violated.

In today’s interconnected world, big companies are monitoring users every move from the moment they open the browsers on any device and sell such private data to corporations or sharing our information with governmental agencies.

Such data is in turn used to manipulate internet users and influence their decisions. Leveraging on an increased users’ interest and need for a more private and secure browsing experience and using the latest Blockchain Technology, solution is going to free the internet from ads, trackers, and malware.

1- What is the best way to explain “” Project and how it works for beginners? solution frees the Internet from ads, malware and trackers. Thus, it adheres by the initial vision of World Wide Web that of having a decentralized, non-discriminatory and universal way to share information easily and connect people. For privacy is a top priority along with keep users’ data safe and personal.

2- What was the core idea/reason for establishing this project?

Through, we want to offer all internet users an enhanced browsing experience by making the internet an ad-free, more secure and non-trackable place.

3- How OIO token a unique digital asset that will unleash the Internet from ads, malware and tracking software, leading to a more enjoyable and secure browsing experience, with sizeable benefits for both web operators and end users?

OIO tokens are the fuel for the entire ecosystem designed to bootstrap the development of our solution.

OIO Tokens are a key element in the ecosystem, since the web operators will be required to stake OIO Tokens in order to use technology and mine ICE tokens.

The ICE Tokens are mined through a brand-new consensus algorithm called PROOF-OF-ONLINE, an eco-friendly way that does not require massive hardware investments or pollute the environment, which takes into consideration the time spent by users of the web pages.

Investors holding OIO tokens who are not website operators will receive a percentage of all ICE tokens mined, just by holding the token in the dedicated smart contract (PROOF-OF-STAKE). You will be able to use ICE tokens to pay for your grocery, or dream holiday through our merchant system. Both tokens will be listed on exchanges and could be exchanged to fiat.

4- How is OIO token contributing to improving the online security of individuals and surrounding communities?

For, user’s privacy is a top priority, thus offers an enhanced protection of consumer data first off due to added security of Blockchain technology, which will eliminate demographic and behavioral profiling from being collected and used without prior consent.

Furthermore, internet users will be able to rate each website according to their experience, which will lead to the creation of a ranking of trustworthy websites. solution comes to meet such threats to visitor’s privacy and to help website operators adhere to the latest regulation changes (i.e. GDPR EU regulation) by blocking the online tracking practices, which gives the user the opportunity to browse the Internet without having the feeling of being monitored and stalked.

5- What is your opinion about individually on GDPR policies?

In today’s interconnected world, when internet usage is exponentially increasing, not just in number of people using the internet, but also in time spent by users online either on world wide web but also on mobile technologies, personal data protection regulations seemed out dated.

Definitely, GDPR is a leap forward in terms of customer protection and data privacy. It is far more advanced than anything provided by other country and it will without a doubt, shape the private data landscape for decades to come.

Having the he right to ask companies how their personal data is collected and stored, how it’s being used, and request that personal data be deleted, represent an important feature for enhancing transparency and not allowing companies to use vague or confusing data regarding what types of data they are collected from users online browsing.

However, following GDPR’s entering into force, majority of websites implemented notifications regarding the fact that user data is monitored and collected. But it can prove to be really time consuming for users and sometimes even very complicated to understand where and how their data is shared since companies and websites implemented laborious and not in plain language privacy terms and conditions. Such practices lead sometimes to users giving their consent because of either lack of time or lack of legal knowledge.

All in all, the main GDPR-related rights for citizens (Breach Notification, Right to Access, Right to be Forgotten, Data Portability and Privacy by Design) generally make it a lot harder for companies to obtain and prove consent for the storing and using of personal data.

6- What’s your overview regarding recent fine on Google under the policies of GDPR? Is it the right initiative taken by GDPR or not?

If you are referring to the 5 billion USD fine from EU, I will prefer not to comment on the fine received by Google, for deploying Google search engine on Android devices, and thus breaking the antitrust laws, since I prefer letting the legal specialists share their view points on this. As far as I know, it is not a final decision and Google is going to appeal the decision.

7- Why should people use OIO tokens since there are many scams in the coin world? Are you making it different from others?

Since its emergence, the concept of ICO has made massive progress with more and more campaigns being launched each year, with many successful examples of game-changing ideas brought to life by the power of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Like everywhere else, there were also people that spotted the fertile breeding ground for scams and capitalized on the increased appetite and demand of people to invest in crypto market and we all witnessed elaborate scams and frauds.

Such examples shaken the trust of investors in any ICO and let to an increase in due diligences performed before deciding to invest in a certain cryptocurrency. This for legitimate companies as ours is an opportunity, since we do believe in the power of Blockchain and the value added it brings to market and we would not like to see people losing interest in crypto world just because of illegal projects.

Hence, we have realized that self-imposed restrictions are mandatory for ensuring our investors’ trust and by extension OIO token users. Therefore, we underwent a long period of extensive research to find out the best solution for translating our idea (which first appeared in June 2017) into reality (whitepaper published in March 2018).

During this time, we have studied blockchain in terms of platform integration perspective, performed risk analyses associated with blockchain as well as partnered with a team of experienced developers and liaised with of experienced and savvy people