Interview with C.E.O “Greg Cohn”- Idea behind the Development of Burner App

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Burner App

To provide detailed information about this fantastic app, we interviewed Burner app CEO and Co-founder “Greg Cohn”. And we are thankful to him that he answered our questions with extensive information. It will greatly help our audience to get the most of the app and use Burner app in most efficient manner.

Therefore, without wasting your time let’s move on to questions that we asked “Mr. Greg Cohn” during an interview and get look onto great interactive answers by him.

We do our best to ask most relevant questions about Burner app that would help you much to understand how this assist you in creating huge communication bridge by using just one contact number.

What Was the Core Idea/Reason behind the Creation of Burner?

My cofounder Will Carter and I were interested in the idea that we could make the phone app a lot more interesting by treating it more like software. We wanted to create a product that helps users manage their identity in the context of their mobile phones, and came up with the idea of giving them more than one phone line on a single device. Privacy was also a big part of our vision. We knew that disposable phone numbers could help people protect their personal information, by enabling them to simply “burn” the number if it ever fell into the wrong hands.

How has the Journey been for Burner and its Team Until Now?

We have been growing at a very healthy rate and have consistently been in the top couple of highest-grossing apps in our categories on both the iTunes and Google app stores. We’re constantly rolling out new features, not just for those looking for privacy, but also for entrepreneurs and business users who need a separate line for their businesses or side hustles. The team has been growing as well, and we’re continuing to hire in Los Angeles.

There are many Offerings in the Market Currently, What Makes your Burner App Different from them?

Burner is more than just an extra phone number, it allows you to seamlessly integrate your number with other apps and products that can help you streamline communication and get more work done, like Slack, Evernote and Google Drive. It’s also the first and only virtual phone number app to incorporate Nomorobo’s proprietary robocall-blocking technology. Nomorobo has the most comprehensive blacklist of known spammers and its system grows every day.

How would Customers know about this Differentiating Factor?

Customers can check out all of these features and more by visiting our website,

What is your Perspective on the Matter that some Mobile Apps Protect Users with Malicious Intent?

As with any emerging technology, people will be creative about how they use it, but malicious uses are not the intent of Burner, and we’ve tried hard to design our app and our policies to prevent and discourage them An example of that, something we frequently get asked about is whether Burner can be used for telemarketing spam.  While telemarketing spam and robocalls are a huge problem [link fcc?], these scams are not happening on Burner, which intentionally has no automation tools for dialing phone calls. In fact our Nomorobo integration helps our users block robocalls. There are many other ways people can use Burner to protect the privacy of their phone numbers, and their reasons are legitimate.  That’s why we built Burner.

How would you Define “Privacy”? What is your Definition of “Online Privacy”?

Privacy has been a fluid concept since the beginning of modern civilization, but one definition that I really like — which comes from a famous US Supreme Court case — is the concept of privacy following the individual and being based on an individual having a “reasonable expectation of privacy” in a given situation. This originally applied to things like the content of phone calls but, in my opinion, should apply more broadly to data as well. As a more pragmatic illustration, let’s say you’re giving out your mobile number so that an ecommerce merchant can deliver you a package. Is it reasonable for them to sell it to a data broker who will in turn resell that to advertisers whose ads will follow you all around the web based on what you purchased from the original merchant? I think not — we think users should have greater control over that.

And there’s a lot of information that’s pretty easily available about many people out there. You can take our Burner Challenge to find out what publicly available information can be traced back to you just from your phone number. Utilizing apps like Burner is a great way to prevent your information from being stolen and keep your personal number private.

Do you Believe Online Privacy is Important for Today’s Online Landscape & Why is that so?

There are those who say privacy is dead, that we should get over it. I strongly disagree. Pew publishes some great data that shows people are increasingly concerned about their data being compromised, whether by corporations or malicious actors. I expect that to be even worse this year in the wake of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, which is really an example of Silicon Valley at its poorest and most mercenary. The challenges of this only get worse as we upload our DNA willingly to ancestry apps, wear health trackers on our arms, and plug our medical records into the cloud.

In the long run, I believe companies will differentiate on this, because users care about it and will vote with their wallets. You can already see this to some extent with Apple. So we’ve planted our flag around the phone number as being a really critical piece of your personal information that a lot of people want and that is really useful to communicate with, but that you need to manage and control.

Any Tips that you would Like to Give for your Consumers to Protect their Privacy these Days?

The number one piece of advice I have is to try to be aware of what information you are giving out.  Obviously, the phone number is something we think people need to pay special attention too. People want to keep their phone numbers for decades and it is a huge hassle to change your number, and it is attached to all kinds of personal information and accounts. So do not use it for risky stuff; use Burner instead. You can easily create a second phone you can burn anytime if it is compromised, and setting up an account is simple and free.