50 Countries Will Fight Against Cybercrime Excluding USA, China & Russia

cyber crime

Almost 50 countries and over 150 tech organizations are planning to do extra to battle against dark activities on the internet including the role of social platforms in elections, hate speech and racism.

But surprisingly, in this crucial battle against cybercrime countries like the USA, China, and Russia are not a part of it. This week group of government authorities and tech organizations commit in an agreement to fight together to limit and remove the dark online activities like online censorship and the theft of data.

The statement released on Monday that is followed by Canada, EU countries as well as tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and many more.

The person behind this initiative is no other than French President “Emmanuel Macron” who represented his idea regarding the battle against malicious online activities when world leader gathered in Paris on Sunday for the centenary of the end of World War One.

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