World Cup 2018 Official Football Sponsor “Adidas” Alerts US Customers about Data Breach

Adidas is the sports organization, who becomes a victim of cyber-attack to rob US customer’s online personal data. According to Adidas official, the number of customers who are infected by this cyber-attack is in approximately in millions.

World Cup 2018 official football sponsor warned customers on 28/6/2018 regarding cyber-attack on its official US website. The data that is harvested by hackers includes user’s id, contact information, encrypted passwords. Furthermore, Adidas Official also cleared in its statement that they don’t detect any credit card and fitness information was breached.

According to one customer, the official statement he received from Adidas on Thursday stated “We are alerting certain consumers who purchased on about a potential data security incident. At this time this is a few million consumers,”

However, Adidas is not a first victim of cyber-attack in past few months. Multiple organizations already faced this kind of data breaching by anonymous hackers. It creates serious concern for other organization who sells their product via their official website.

According to Adidas Officials, “it found out about the problem on Tuesday, when “an unauthorized party” claimed to have acquired some of its consumer data.” However, we are still in process of analyzing to find out who is behind this cyber-attack.”

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