Amazon’s Best-Selling Products are Being Hunted Down by Pernicious Malware

Today, an Android bug has been detected, which is infecting a mass number of well-known products comes under the brand of Amazon, including Fire Stick and Amazon Fire TV Box.

Moreover, this malware is in the form of bug, which targets not only Amazon gadgets specifically, but all the Amazon Operating System that runs on Android OS are also affected by it.

According to AFTVNews, the malware appears to be a variant of ADB. Miner, an Android worm that scans vulnerable gadgets on the web then infects them with a stealthy Cryptomining virus.”


However, instead of damaging Amazon devices directly, the malware variant for Fire TV is installed through a side-loaded app known as “Test” (“”)

So, it means if you have used an app on your Amazon’s Fire Stick or Amazon Fire TV, through which you can stream pirated content, then there might be huge possibility that you could be affected by Cryptojacking android malware.

Once this “Test” named bug installed in your Amazon device, it slowly starts ripping your device performance  (such as videos will upload very slow and stop abruptly and a notification saying “Test” with the green Android robot icon will appear randomly on screen)

However, if you never used Fire TV Cube or Fire Stick developers feature, which is usually switched-off by default, then take a deep breath because you are safe from this deadly Cryptojacking malware. Although in any case users turn on the “ABD debugging” feature to upload content from third party sources, then your Amazon device is in danger.

How to Fix Amazon Malware Infecting Fire Tv Devices?

If you already detected that your Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick is getting slower, then first try to factory reset your device. However, if you find it difficult in following the resetting steps, then According to AFTV news, you can also download the app “Total Commander” from amazon app store that will help the user to uninstall the malware by installing it directly.

Moreover, you can also installed the latest version of OS on your device that automatically turns off Cryptojacking malware. But according to our tech experts, it’s better to use Total Commander file to fix this issue permanently

Will this kind of Android malware stops users to upload pirated content on their Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV Cube? Only time will tell. For more updates, keep checking our website. In case if you want to share any valuable updates regarding this news, feel free to contact us by mentioning your comment below.

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