The new “Blackloud” Ear Phones can Turn on Radio on Your iPhone

“Now you can enjoy FM radio on your iPhone without any limitation to data.”

Blackloud does something out of the box with its new pair of earphones for iPhone users. The new earphones can give you access to your favorite FM radio channel even when you don’t have access to the internet, or your data plan got expired.

However, this service might be frizzly and vulnerable to the interface, but all the local FM channels are completely free and very supporting in the movement of stress.

This new pair of AF1 earphones by Blackloud runs by creating its radio tuner into an in-line control box, at the same time the wire performs as an antenna. The headphones then plug into your iPhone via the Lightning jack (a USB Type-C model for Android handsets is planned for next year), and you control radio playback via a companion app.

Moreover, you can also see its visual presentation of how it might be useful in this illogical ad:

Well, there is no doubt these earphones are blessings at the time of crises, but we are not sure that users will use it in routine. When natural disasters hit, it’s common for cellular services to go down or become overwhelmed, while analog radio towers continue to broadcast. When that happens, you’ll have to hope that you’ve got the electricity needed to keep your power-hungry smartphone charged.

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