Cambridge Analytica Planned to Sell Personal Data Through its own Cryptocurrency

Cambridge Analytica ex-employee Brittany Kaiser told New York Times that they were planning to launch own cryptocurrency. Just after unlawfully using the data of 87 Facebook users, the firm estimated to earn $30 million by creating a personal data sharing market.

own cryptocurrency

Cambridge Analytica previously confirmed to some well-known media resources that they studied Blockchain technology in order provide a secure platform for their clients. However, they did not give any clue that they are planning to offer crypto coin service.

Moreover, the organization also secretly planned to launch another cryptocurrency. It is exclusively planned to target for potential individuals mainly related to mafia groups. For this, the organization officials went to Macau to promote Dragon Coin (cryptocurrency aimed to support the activities of casino players).

Furthermore, Cambridge Analytica also revealed that the organization initiated to work on its own Crypto coin services in the mid of 2017. Brittany Kaiser and CEO Alexander Nix exclusively monitored this cryptocurrency project.

First Facebook Scandal and now another strange initiative revealed by a former employee of Cambridge Analytica, which needs to be undergone by the security authorities as a priority. Keep checking our page for more updates related to this news.

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