China is Firing Up VPN Blocks Ahead of Paramount Trade

On Tuesday, Chinese authorities released the statement that they are going to trigger their operations against VPN (Virtual Private Network) by saying they are done with “cat and mouse” game ahead of paramount trade during internet conference.

With the help of VPN service all the entities that are living in China, including multinational organizations get the access of multiple websites, which are banned by the Chinese authorities by using weak Firewall mechanism. The sites, which are accessible by users through VPN, include Google and Facebook.

And this raid against VPN service providers in China is going on since Xi Jinping came into power in 2013 in the form of having vulnerabilities in constant connection due to continuous blocks coming from the Chinese authorities.

“This time, the Chinese government seemed to have staff on the ground monitoring our response in real time and deploying additional blocks,” said Sunday Yokubaitis, the chief executive of Golden Frog, the maker of the VyprVPN service.

Moreover, he also told the Reuters that they found Chinese authorities begin restricting some of its servers on Sunday, but also confirm that VyperVPN’s service has since been restored in China

 “Our countermeasures usually work for a couple of days before the attack profile changes and they block us again,” Yokubaitis said.

The latest attacks were more aggressive than the “steadily increasing blocks” the firm had experienced in the second half of the year, he added.




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