Facebook Blocks Several Accounts for Organized Counterfeit Behavior Regarding US Midterm Elections 2018

facebook-midterm elections 2018

“Facebook surprisingly showing some unpredictable action against users who show organized inauthentic behavior ahead of midterm elections 2018.”

Facebook confirmed that it has blocked around 30 Facebook and 85 Instagram account today in response to US midterm election 2018 who are involved in “organized counterfeit behavior” followed US privacy authorities on Sunday.

Facebook posted this new few hours before the poll started in the US. However, according to Facebook officials, they are still searching the accounts, which have already been blocked.

The reason why Social Platform released this news early is due to the sensitivity of the event, and they know how this could affect the results and people minds from the past Cambridge Analytica scandal.

However, the Facebook officials don’t explain the blocked accounts that what they did or how many accounts they reached.

However, the unpredictable action taken by Facebook seems like it has a strong political influence that could make an impact on midterm elections.

I think this a very impressive initiative taken by Facebook and also set the example for the users and entities who use social platforms for spreading propaganda and negativity in social communities.

And this kind of negativity leads to manipulating innocent people who have no connection with this kind of political agenda and one of the biggest it helps dark entities to control our thoughts in every aspect of life.

Moreover, Facebook further stated that most of the anonymous pages are mainly in Russian and French languages and Instagram is mostly in English. But there are still struggling to find out the origins of the pages.

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