Around 50 Million Facebook Accounts Exposed in Data Breach


Facebook admits almost 50 million users accounts exposed in a recent data breach, which happened due to technical issues in the social platform “View As” feature.

Few months ago, after what Facebook faced regarding Trump Election Campaign by selling users data to Cambridge Analytica, Today Facebook disclosed that almost 50 million users account exposed due to a security flaw.

The Facebook representatives further said hackers were so clever to find a vulnerability in their “View As” feature to get access to users accounts.

The Facebook users, which had been affected by this security breach, were suggested to re-login into the Facebook account on Friday.

Furthermore, according to Facebook’s Vice-President of Product Management, “Guy Rosen” stated that the technical issue had been fixed, and the responsible team sends the notification to affected users to reset their account (To add a further security layer).

Moreover, it seems like Facebook also face a drop in their share price due to this recent data breach on Friday. When Facebook admitted the security breach, more than 3% share price has been dropped in the exchange market.

The Facebook told media the recent security breach allows hackers to get access of 50 million users accounts, which leads to affects major sites such as Tinder and Airbnb.

What Type of Users Are Affected By Facebook Security Breach

According to Facebook, they are not sure that was there any particular category of users being targeted by hackers or they just targeted random users.

However, most of the accounts, which were attacked by hackers, are from the European region. Furthermore, the Facebook representatives said those who re-login their accounts, don’t need to change their passwords

“Since we’ve only just started our investigation, we have yet to determine whether these accounts were misused or any information accessed. We also don’t know who’s behind these attacks or where they’re based. “

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