Facebook Political Campaign Tool is Set for Trolling


“It seems like after Political Ad Tool announcement by Facebook; there are many journalists who pretend to be Cambridge Analytica.”

After what we revealed a few days ago regarding dark money finances at Facebook, it seems like the so-called initiative taken by the social giant is creating massive challenges for them.

In the start of this year, Facebook starts an operation against the advertisers by requiring their identity verification, which they attained by including a code that they get through a mailed postcard.

The challenge is that when multiple advertisers published their ads on Facebook, the procedure doesn’t demand their verified identity. Alternatively, Facebook offers them blank space field, and this will lead to providing open space to lie whenever they get the opportunity.

That is why there are so many cases come to notice where journalist use this opportunity to misinterpret so many cases or try to take the benefit of the situation by claiming that they are part of Cambridge Analytica.

Not only that another case was found when a group of liberal target conservative communities by messaging them regarding universal health care.

Moreover, another Facebook user found that smudging a political candidate in Virginia. On Tuesday, Vice’s William Turton shared his experience regarding so-called Facebook’s Political Ad Tool that he published as “100 senators” in the paid for the field, and he got the approval anyway.

That inspired Business Insider’s Shona Ghosh to buy political ads “paid for” by Facebook’s mortal enemy, the banned research company Cambridge Analytica. Stay tuned for tomorrow, when I predict that Refinery29 will seek approval for an ad paid for by The Guys Responsible for The 50 Million-User Data Breach.

However, the Facebook response on this issue is surprising and vague at the same time. The Facebook official responded to these incidents by blaming political and government authorities that this is not their responsibility to place a policy for political advertisements.


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