Fire TV Cube has built-in Alexa: Is Amazon Finding new Ways to Breach Privacy?

Everyone is breaking news about Amazon’s upcoming Fire TV Cube device but sadly, no one is pointing to Alexa privacy concerns.

There is no doubt that Amazon is doing great things to provide their customers exciting and efficient gadgets. However, what users don’t know is how these tech gadgets compromise their privacy.

But do not fret, we are here to highlight the privacy issues that could surround the new Fire TV Cube and it could monitor your daily activities without letting you know.

Before that, let see what Amazon is planning to introduce in the market.

What is Amazon Planning to Introduce?

Amazon is going to introduce an updated version of Fire TV in the form of box-shaped device. A few hours ago, AFTVNews revealed that they found a link on Amazon’s official website about this new upgrade.

However, you need to Login if you want to know more about Amazon’s Fire TV Cube. According to our tech expert’s findings, the Fire TV Cube will be more like other devices such as Roku and Apple TV.

fire tv cube (Source: AFTVNews)

Furthermore, according to AFTVNews, there might be a possibility that Fire TV Cube is not the official name of Amazon’s upcoming device.

Based on the research of our tech team, we found the comparison of current Fire TV device and upcoming Fire TV Cube. The following image will help you understand what Amazon is actually planning to launch in future.


However, to make this new device more efficient, Amazon’s voice assistant feature, Alexa might be incorporated with it. This way you can use Fire TV Cube with the help of voice remote.

It means you don’t need individual box-shaped Alexa echo device because it will be already a part of Fire TV Cube. There is a possibility that you can get Alexa responses even when the TV is turned off. This is interesting but scary at the same time because of echo privacy concerns surrounding Alexa.


Alexa Privacy Concerns

Amazon’s Echo privacy concerns are already all over the place, as many suggest that Alexa listens to all your conversations even when you are not using it.

If you are not aware of this activity, then this video may help you out. See how voice assistants such as Siri, Bixby and Alexa monitor your daily activities.

Various tech experts already highlight the privacy issues surrounding Alexa and as a result, many users are taking an initiative not to use voice assistant devices at their home.

However, by launching Fire TV Cube that has built-in Alexa, it could be a new way to breach user’s privacy. It means there is no way to get rid of the privacy problems that exist in current echo devices.

So in short, if you don’t have Amazon Echo device in your home, but you are planning to buy their upcoming Fire TV Cube in future, then it is sure that Alexa might spy and listen to all your responses.

After what Facebook and Google did, there is a possibility that Amazon is looking at new ways that could monitor your personal activities through Alexa spying feature, without letting us know.

According to Wired, “[Devices’] mics are listening to you even when you’re not requesting things from Alexa or Google. But those ambient conversations — the things you say before “Alexa” or “OK Google” — aren’t stored or sent over a network”

Reviews – Is Alexa Spying on You?

Publisher at WikiLeaks “Julian Assange” welcomes Amazon in sarcastic way, which gives another evidence that Alexa monitors our daily activities.




Not just that, Stuart Henderson, a great author and movie producer roasted Alexa on Twitter




What is the Solution to Alexa Privacy Concerns?

Amazon is the only entity that could provide the appropriate solution. We are assuming that the ecommerce giant will offer similar “Mute Button” option, which they already offer in their echo device.

This “Mute Button” will disable the microphone and Alexa will not able to record your responses anymore. However, this is the only an assumption right now.

Our recommendation would be to avoid the keyword ‘Alexa’, as its current Echo device activates when say or ask anything starting with the word Alexa.

Final Thoughts

On the behalf of making, our live more relax and comfortable, they [tech giants] are actually turning us into puppets.

In addition, if Amazon claims that Alexa is not monitoring our activities, then why did it failed to answer, “Alexa are you connected with CIA?”

In case, if you still have any query or confusion, don’t hesitate to contact us by dropping your comment below.