Google Assures Developers that It is not planning to prevent ad blocking on Chrome


Google tries to guarantee developers after a massive criticism slamming last month.

Back in October online giant faced heavy criticism by developers against the new updates. That could debilitate the extensions to enhance security and block ads.

The new changes by Google called “Manifest v3” were first released last year. After that developers start noticing it and comes with massive criticism regarding ad blockers to break them.

However, after a huge raft of criticism by developers, Google says it is reconsidering the changes to make the developers happy again.

According to Google:

“It is not, nor has it ever been, our goal to prevent or break content blocking,” Devlin Cronin, a software engineer on the Chrome team, wrote in a Google Groups post last week(emphasis his).

“We are committed to preserving that ecosystem. And ensuring that users can continue to customize the Chrome browser to meet their needs. This includes continuing to support extensions, including content blockers, developer tools, accessibility features, and many others.”

Reason to Change Chrome’s Policy

The changes which were suggested by Google is to improve the performance of extensions on Chrome. Also to improve browser security and privacy.

The backlash faced by online giant regarding suggested changes makes it reconsider purposed changes to prevent the objections of developers.

“We want to make sure all fundamental use cases — including content blockers — are still possible with these changes and are working with extension developers to make sure their extensions continue to work while optimizing the extensions platform and better protecting our users.” a Google spokeswoman said in a statement

The post by Google’s Cronin came after Ghosterly, one of the ad blocker makers that staunchly opposed the changes, released a study last week that said the extensions would only impact the performance of Chrome by about a tenth of a millisecond.

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