How Google, Facebook & Windows 10 Records Your Personal Data-Exposed by Dylan Curran

Thanks to Dylan Curran for exposing the real face of the digital world! If you are losing your patience with Facebook data scandal, then it is not the only culprit in the digital world. Google and Windows 10 are doing the same.

Recently, Dylan Curran tweeted about how Facebook, Google and Windows 10 record your personal data:

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These tech giants not only keep record of activities that you share on different forums, but also track some freaking stuff you can’t even imagine.

If you are curious to know about how your privacy is compromised, then you are at right place. This article will provide information about the ways through which Google and Facebook keep a record of your personal data.

Not only that, we will also show you how to stop these tech giants by changing privacy settings and initiating other important steps.

How Google Records Your Data

Google Maps Records Your Location

Google maps make our life very comfortable. If you are new in town and looking for any specific location, you can easily find it on Google maps. Surprisingly, Google records your history since you start using it on your smartphone.

Dylan Curran tweeted about how Google maps records his location for last 12 months. Shockingly, it also tells Dylan how long he took to reach that location and how much time he spent on that location as well.

My Activity App Records Your Search History

If you are a user of Google My Activity app, then your search histories have been recorded. Not only on your personal device, but also on all other devices you use with the same account. And if you are thinking that deleting search history from your personal device will remove it, then you are wrong.

The search history is only erased completely when you delete it from all the devices you used for the same account. Good luck remembering how many devices you used with the same account.

Google Creates Your Advertisement Profile

Do you ever think about why you see different Google ads according to your interest, gender, or hobbies? If you are thinking that Google also records your data to show those brand ads that you like, then you are absolutely right!

Google records your data from every app and extension you use to create your profile. So next time when you see ads based on your interest, you would definitely know that this is not a magic.

Google Records Your Daily Activity from Different Apps

If you are thinking that the interference of Google just stops here, then you are wrong. When you are using different apps, Google even records how often you use this particular app, to whom you are messaging, how many languages you speak, etc.

If you are thinking it is impossible, then you should see this tweet by Dylan

You can check the apps that have access to your account:

Google Records Your YouTube Activity

If you are a fan of YouTube, then there might be a case when you get a surprise by looking at videos recommended section. YouTube already knows what your religion is or you are going to marry soon and you want to be a mechanical engineer.

YouTube records your search history and that’s why they know when you want to listen metal or classic.

Check your YouTube history through this link: …

How to Download Your Overall Data History

Now, are you curious where you can find your personal data history? Google saves data about your history and all your actions, even if you accessed restricted websites. Dylan shares details about this in his tweet:

Google Takeout

From Google Takeout, you can download the history of Google drive files, contacts, emails and all of the above-discussed apps, links runs by Google, Android devices, photos captured by your smart phone, products and services you purchased through Google.

Link to download your archive: 

If you want to know how the download file looks and how many categories there are, you can see the following tweet shared by Dylan:

Google Calendar

We know its freaking you out! From here, you can retrieve the history of location, hangouts, your playlist, books you purchased, online groups you’re in, the smartphone you are using, the links you shared and websites you designed.

Dylan tweeted his Google calendar history, which shows all the activities he added and how many events he actually attend and at what date and time: