Google is Building Trouble-Free Process to Delete Your Search History

“After facing major online privacy incidents, it seems like users will get more control on their privacy and other services in the coming year.”

If you are logged in to your Google Account, then Google collects and stores every search you do on Chrome browser or

However, you can delete all your search history, but it will not remove stored on Google servers. But after facing various scandals regarding user’s online privacy, now Google offers a simple way to delete your search history.

While you’ve been able to dig into the Google Account page and find an activity stream of search history, Google is making it a lot easier to delete this history within Google search itself today.

It looks like now users have more control to manage their data as if you dig deep into Google Account interface, you can find an option with the name of “Activity Stream of search history,” from where you can find your search history and delete it too.

In short, Google makes it a lot easier for users that they can analyze and wipe-out search history. It seems like Google also working on its personalization features by providing control to users to disable several ads, which they don’t want to see, and even limiting multiple sites from saving activities.

Google primary objective is to spread awareness among its users regarding how they can control their data to keep their online privacy secure and protected from dark online entities.

Right now, Google is providing these features only on mobile web and desktop, and updates for iOS and Android are expected in the coming week.

Furthermore, Google officials are also planning to offer this feature in its services like Maps in the coming year to provide a strong and efficient effort to maintain strong online privacy regulations.

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