Google is Planning for an Update Soon to Resolve Pixel 3 Photo Saving Bug


Google announced that they are planning to release an update to fix the bug regarding Google Camera on the latest device Pixel 3 and XL model to not save the picture properly.

According to the Google Official, “We will be rolling out a software update in the coming weeks to address the rare case of a photo not properly saving.”

Moreover, this bug also affected a very small number of the previous model (Pixel 2 and XL) and Android brand phones including Samsung’s Galaxy models, Nexus series and Motorola Z and E series.

The problem occurred due to Google Camera App closing down rapidly after taking a snap before going into any process. The pictures Thumbnail can be seen from Camera Gallery, but after a day, it will vanish when opening a gallery again.

However, until the new Google update comes, we suggest you save the picture in Google Gallery, the user should leave camera app open until HDR processing is done or don’t use the HDR feature at all.

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