Google Pixel 3 & XL Designed to Automate Daily Tasks more Efficiently

It looks like, this time Google gives zero attention to the physical design of recently launched Pixel 3 smartphones like Apple. Neither the hardware specs of Pixel 3 and XL amaze users as compare to other Android smartphones.

Google Pixel 3 & 3XL

However, the greatest change we have seen until now is advancement in software, specifically in AI (artificial intelligence)

The new algorithms and matrices that are included in the OS of Pixel 3 models, will assist you in managing daily calls, emails, cut off unwanted calls and to set out what you will type or ask.

The advancement in the Pixel 3 models software reflects the Google objective that makes your smartphone more personalized than ever before.

The AI feature in the smartphone world is still struggling to offer efficient results to users, but after testing Pixel 3 models, it seems like Google has done some extraordinary things to make more efficient.

Here are some worthy advances in Google Pixel 3 AI feature that makes it King of Android world or may be greatest smartphone of all time.

Smart Photo Selection

If you are not an expert of taking a good selfie, then your wait will be over soon since Pixel 3 models offer “Smart Photo Selection” feature with the help of AI.

So open the front camera of Pixel 3 and start smiling or making weird faces and set the camera to take multiple shots to provide you best picture possible automatically.

However, since it is an AI, during testing, very few times, we have seen AI selects images where someone blocks the view or eyes are closed.

It means AI recommendations are not always perfect for you, but it might be perfect after some software updates in the future.

Moreover, the new advancement in AI also uses the feature of combining multiple shots to provide perfectly balanced pictures. The same technology is used by the latest model of iPhone models, but the results are way better on Pixel 3.

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Smart Text Identification

The smart text feature doesn’t sound new, but technically it advances a lot in the recent Google Pixel 3 models.

In the previous model of Pixel, you have to tap on the image that contains text, but now you only have to point out the camera on any text image or business card, and Google will search for the phone contacts and addresses.

It means now this smart text identification has become more advanced and automated. So if you are going for the meeting and don’t know the exact location, open your Pixel 3 camera, and the AI will help you to find the location with the help of Google Maps.

Identification of Automated Calls

One of the most remarkable features offers by new Pixel 3 is that now you can get rid of automated calls from banks, investment institutions, car loans, etc.

The new feature with the name of “Screen Call” helps you to identify whether it’s an automated call or not. By turning on the “Screen call,” Google’s voice assistant takes over and asks for a name and purpose of the call. Transcribed responses appear in real time, so you can decide whether to pick up. You can even request more information by tapping buttons such as “Tell me more.”

Intelligent Privacy Measures

It seems like now tech giants understand the real meaning of user’s online privacy. Moreover, for this, they are making efforts to keep the online user activity confidential by limiting the AI analysis in the phone only and not the single information is sent to servers.

This initiative is impressive but how successful this feature will work? Only time will tell.

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