iOS 12.1: Lock Screen Bug Creates Privacy Vulnerabilities


The new update of iOS 12.1 was released earlier this week, and privacy experts have already found a new glitch in the form of lock screen bypass.

This new lock screen glitch enables anyone to see your all contact information, access to activate FaceTime and accessing the new group feature on FaceTime to get the contact information without requiring a passcode, which is alarming.

This new lock screen bug happens only when you update your iPhone to latest iOS 12.1, which was discovered hours after it was released on Tuesday. According to the tech researchers:

We’ve tested this exploit and can confirm it works on iOS 12.1. It follows yet another lock screen bypass in the previous iOS 12.0.1 update that allowed attackers to steal recent photos from a device. Both attacks require physical access to an iPhone and are particularly troublesome for victims of domestic abuse or anyone who leaves a phone unattended in a shared space.”

However, bugs like these have a long relationship with Apple’s iOS device. It happened for the first time in iOS 6.1 in 2013 that provide access to hackers to extract photos, contacts information and call logs history openly.

Moreover, when iOS 7 was released it also had a great security loophole, and it didn’t stop there because, after the release of iOS 8.1, security researchers also found lock screen glitch.

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