“No-Logging VPN,” IPVanish Helped Homeland Security to Trace Suspect

“A well-known VPN service provider, “IPVanish” that commits an uncompromising “no logging policy” for years, accompanied Homeland security to trace a suspect that was using Comcast IP address. This news was revealed in the court investigation in 2016.

However, the recent provider of IPVanish “StackPath,” clearly told TorrentFreak that “they won’t take any responsibility regarding actions and activities were done by  previous team who have gone long ago. However the assurances of the security will be further catered appropriately, and in case of any illegal activity, the present team will be responsible.”

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This news was revealed on May 4, 2016, when a special agent who worked for Homeland security “Scott Sikes” was trying to find out evidence related to child pornography investigation.

During the investigation, agent Skies was analyzing Internet Relay Chat (IRC) after suspect posted a link. After sometimes when Skies opened that channel, he found some substantial evidence in the form of child pornography images.

After first evidence, Skies took one-step further to keep monitoring the suspect by starting one-on-one online with him. At the time of conversion, the suspect shares different subsequent links, which contains the material same as first evidence that Skies found earlier. The suspect to the agent shared almost 17 child abuses contents during the conversation.

Finally, Skies succeeded in tracing the IP address of suspect, which was “”. After getting the IP address, Homeland Security filed a case by issuing a Summons for Records on Highwinds, stating that it handed over details of the user behind that IP address at the times IRC user posted the links.

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This case revealed that Highwinds is the owner of well-known VPN provider “IPVanish” which is renowned for its no or zero logging policy to secure its user’s identity and privacy. Therefore, there are 200% possibility the suspect tracked by agent Skies was an IPVanish user. It means that all the commitments promised by IPVanish are fake according to the recent tracing incident of a suspect by Homeland Security.

The failure of no logging by IPVanish was further proved when Homeland Security completely revealed the identity of the suspect (Vincent Gevirtz) with the help of information provided by VPN service through his Comcast IP address (

Homeland security officials appreciated the efforts of IPVanish to catch the suspect who was involved in unethical activities. But the way IPVanish failed to sustain their promise of zero-logging policy creates a massive protest and negative posting in various online communities. However, Court documents reveal that IPVanish logged its users extensively despite the no-logging policy.

Also, the service provider defending their past action by saying that it must be a massive diversion in the management of user’s privacy, as the current policy of the organization does not partake in any logging activity. However, in what way it could be a sincere commitment by IPVanish provider, only time will tell. For more updates, keep checking our platform on a regular basis.

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