Ivacy VPN taking Strong Step of Bringing Transparency to Service Globally

Finally, Ivacy VPN brings transparency in the VPN industry by making its investment portfolio public.


I must say the step taken by “Ivacy” is something that should be a great slap for those who are continually trying to push it in the blacklist of VPN services.

As we know the VPN industry is full of anonymity and secrecy. Especially when it comes to revealing the origin of the biggest VPN brands and their parent company.

Moreover, it gets more mysterious especially when the services primary objective is to provide online privacy and security.

However in an industry where customers don’t know the background of VPN service they are using, Ivacy VPN is the one that shows transparency and brings new hope and massive recognition.

From the past few years, Ivacy VPN is continuously lashing by several testing and reviewing sites including some renowned VPN brands by claiming that Ivacy VPN is a part of PureVPN.

For this, today Ivacy releases its press release that clarifies all the false claims by bringing transparency regarding its investment portfolio and zero links with “PureVPN.”

Key Points of Ivacy Press Release

  • PureVPN has no shares what so ever in the Ivacy. But limited to have minority stakes concerning some part of the network.
  • Ivacy is an independently register entity, with its merchants, bank accounts, partners, and legally binding contracts. Ivacy’s independently operated and developed apps, backend, billing, legal agreements, and partnerships are a testament to this fact.

According to BestVPN.com

In an industry where company dealings are often veiled in secrecy and mystery.

A glimpse of transparency from one of the biggest names in the game is refreshing and worth some recognition.

Although ultimately the bottom line here is that Ivacy is still a top-tier VPN provider.

Which genuinely holds the security and privacy of its customers – as well as its backers –  as its top priority.

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