After a Long Battle Kodi Box Seller Pays Back £1 to the UK Judiciary

Finally, the UK judiciary announced the result of legality concerns surrounding the sale of Kodi Boxes, which was in process since 2015. The judiciary charged a Kodi box seller for just £1, after two years of his initial arrest.

The Kodi Box Seller, “Brian Thomson” also known as “Tomo,” was busted in 2015 for selling Kodi Boxes from which you can watch pirated steaming content.

Kodi is a streaming software that enables you to watch unlimited streaming content. There is no doubt that Kodi, as a software or app itself, is legal. However, the third party add-ons for Kodi that offer access to paid content for free are against the law.

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Based on the UK judiciary statement, selling Kodi boxes that had third party illegal add-ons, Thomson was selling them without knowing that it is an act of crime.

For this, Thomson was sentenced to 1.5 years to prison at Teeside Crown Court in October 2015. Although, after he contented guilty, he didn’t go to jail as the sentence was suspended.

However, he was attending a court hearing in the case of Crime Act with the objective of legally taken profit by selling Kodi Boxes.

Surprisingly, Thomson earned around £38,500 from selling Kodi Boxes, but he was fined £1 by the judiciary.

The reason why judiciary charged Thomson only £1 is that of he didn’t earned the amount available at the time of judiciary decision.

But judiciary made it transparent after Thomson’s hearing that “we are clear now about the legality concern of selling Kodi Boxes, which are full of illegal streaming content are against the law.”

Moreover, the judiciary committee also cleared that now nobody has to live in an illusion about the legality issue of these Kodi Boxes, especially after Thomson’s case decision.

It is not only the judiciary in this country that has the same perspective about the illegality of selling Kodi Boxes, but other European countries also have the same view that these streaming devices are illegal. And, remember that actions against the law will not be tolerated at all.

Few months ago, we revealed Kodi safety concerns, where we are 100% sure about its legality. However, after what was decided by the UK judiciary regarding selling Kodi Boxes, it is clear that Kodi itself is not safe.

Conclusively, we don’t know how this strict judiciary decision will affect Kodi users. Will they stop streaming illegal content or not? Is there a possibility to watch Kodi without being caught by the legal authorities? Only time will tell.

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