Pernicious Hackers are Interested in Bypassing CAPTCHA


“Hackers are planning to bypass CAPTCHA security measure.”

The threat of bypassing strong security measure by an anonymous group of hackers is real now. Since this topic is already being part of various discussion forums of the deep and dark web, it seems like malicious hackers are creating a plan to bypass the security wall of CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing to Tell Computers and Human Apart).

What is CAPTCHA?

The professional researchers of cybersecurity and digital forensics find this threat today. According to the experts of the International Institute of Cyber Security, the primary objective to implement CAPTCHA is to limit all kinds of automated online spams through a verification process.
In this verification process, users need to verify different images and texts that you usually while setting up your account on multiple websites and apps.

For What Purpose CAPTCHA is Designed?

The most common CAPTCHA design to reduce the effectiveness of bots in making DDoS attacks while doing online transactions, creating emails or any activity from where these bots can extract useful data.
In recent research, the dark entities of online world who are greatly interested in burning out the peace of the online world, have plans to bypass the CAPTCHA to get a wide space for hurting online users.
Moreover, these disastrous plans are not found in the form of threat email or at any social platforms, but Cybersecurity and privacy experts found a pattern and on different forums regarding evil plans of malicious hackers.
These Cybersecurity professionals found this when they notice the series of discussions coming from the anonymous hackers with the objective to know how to bypass the CAPTCHA in basic SEO forums.
A person who made the threat start the discussion by asking “How to omit CAPTCHA using Python and Selenium scripts. And members of discussion respond as per their knowledge without having any clue regarding the plan of a person who creates this threat.
Moreover, the recommendations, which came from different professionals, suggested using legitimate and open source CAPTCHA bypass services that are designed for the users who have dyslexia and visual disabilities.
However, analysts also observed two illicit tools for sale that, according to their developers, can bypass CAPTCHA. The first tool appears to be a stolen copy of some social media marketing software that automates friends adding, while the second is a type of SEO software frequently abused by threat actors to spread spam by email or in the comment sections of different platforms.
According to its developers, this second tool can “decode” more than 400 types of CAPTCHA in its default form, and supposedly can decode even more variants using a plugin sold separately. The analysts responsible for the investigation have not confirmed that neither of the two tools is capable of performing the announced tasks.
The rise in the ratio with which this problem is increasing on different forums based on black hat strategies has been seen since the middle of last year. However, the prediction made by cybersecurity professionals regarding the plan of malicious hackers, no such evidence has been found, or these discussions have triggered any new dark movement.
There is no doubt that a CAPTCHA tool is playing a vital role in restricting automated online spams including major DDoS attacks.
Given the level of interest, this topic has reached in the deep and dark web forums; digital forensic experts predict that threat actor will continue to seek methods to bypass this program.
Organizations that use CAPTCHA to defend their websites and networks must be aware of the ongoing efforts of malicious actors to overlook this test, and if these efforts are successful, they must tailor their security tactics to suit the threat levels.
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