Ryuk Ransomware Ceased Operations of USA Top Newspapers

29th December 2018, the LA Times found out some kind of malware in their systems that later recognize as “Ryuk Ransomware.” This ransomware is greatly affecting the operations of LA times by slowing down the systems used for publishing news.

Ryuk Ransomware

Therefore, the news channel was facing distortions to publish their content on the 29th of December. Moreover, LA Times was not the only media company to face such distortion.

Other media companies who are experiencing the same disruption are Chicago Tribune, publications by Tribune, Hartford Courant and the Baltimore Sun.

How Ryuk Ransomware Disrupting News Channels Operations?

Ryuk Ransomware is similar to other recent malware like WannaCry popular for targeting online users and organizations. Earlier in 2018, this ransomware was prevailed for two weeks demanding fifteen to 50 bitcoin.

According to Cryptography Buzz, Ryuk manages to collect $660,000 in a very short time. One of the unique aspects we found in this ransomware is its targeted victim strategy. It joins the list of top ransomware attacks like SamSam, which managed to collect $40 million from victims. Moreover, earned $9 million in the form of ransom payments, according to US Department of Justice.

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