Samsung Latest Updates Provides Better Display for Its Windows VR Headset


Samsung is updating its Windows VR mixed reality device today with latest HMD              Odyssey+. Since Samsung original headset was one of the most entertaining and efficient for Windows VR headset, and this updated series makes some small alteration to make it perform more efficiently.

The new Windows VR headset shares the same size dual 3.5 inch -inch AMOLED displays at 1440 x 1600 resolution per eye (with a 110-degree field of view), but this time around there’s a wider eye box to prevent fogging and some new display technology.

The new update will allow Mixed Reality Headset to use Anti-SDE (Anti Screen Door Effect) that helps to improve the pixilation. The new update is created to reduce the spaces between pixels, which helps to increase the PPI density up to 616ppi to 1233ppi (comparison between the old model and latest model) in the new Odyssey+.

This will help to make the users experience more pleasant by preventing the chances of nausea and dizziness while using Windows VR Headset

Furthermore, the additional changes include the latest IPD (Inter-Pupillary Distance) that will help to adjust the between the eyes to better match with lenses to provide a greater experience. The price of this new headset will cost $499, which is available at Microsoft Store and

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