Singapore Law Authorities Release Order to Block Streaming Devices by ISP’s

Singapore High Courts Order to Block all The Streaming Devices

After a massive crackdown against pirated streaming services in major countries, Singapore law authorities also release order to block streaming devices via ISP’s

It seems like Singapore High Court is ready to block the loose ends that work as a path between broadcasters and viewers for pirated content.

I guess this is meant to happen due to social pressure and appreciate the efforts of media and creative content. After this order, all the ISP’s have been directed to block entire access ISDs (Illicit Streaming Devices)

What is the Reason of Crackdown?

The herculean growth of online media globally leads to create massive piracy issues. This piracy challenges adversely affecting the productivity and standard revenue of production houses.

Even the biggest streaming premium TV  and live event broadcasting channels are hit by gigantic lose due to pirated content.

This decision is also appreciated by AVIA (Asia Video Industry Association) and according to its CEO, Louis Boswell statement:

“The ISD ecosystem is impacting all businesses involved in the production and distribution of legitimate content. Configuring TV boxes in this way allows unauthorized access to TV channels and video-on-demand content with the revenue going into the pockets of criminal syndicates and individuals who benefit from the spoils of such a crime.”

The Impact

Devices like USB firesticks, Android boxes, and Kodi boxes will greatly affect by this decision. Moreover, confusion regarding these devices are legal to use or not is another long debate. However, these devices are not entirely legal, the only concern where legal concerns breach is regarding their potential to offer pirated content.

The only logical answer we have regarding the legality issue is only determined by the purpose for which they are used.


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