Demand for VPN Upswings, Just After Telegram App Ban in Russia

Sales of VPN apps have surprisingly risen to 1000% since the Telegram app was officially banned in Russia.

According to a report of Moscow Times, Telegram app was banned on April 16, 2018 when Pavel Durov denied providing encryption keys of users’ private conversations to the state authorities.

However, the allegations on Telegram app owner have not stopped here. The state government also shows real concern related to the activity of Telegram officials that they provide funds to anonymous hackers and developers to keep Telegram accessible in Russia.

Telegram app ban

According to Kommersant business, “We are observing an abnormal rise in the demand for VPN services since the ban of Telegram app.”

One of the most popular VPN providers in Russia “TorGuard,” which provide bypass filter feature to users, has experienced 1000% increase in Russian subscribers since April.

The CEO of TorGuard also stated, The Telegram ban has propelled Russia into its second-fastest growing market.”

Moreover, other VPN alternatives available in the market such as Golden Frog’s VyprVPN and CyberGhost have also experienced 180 % and 380% increase in the number of subscribers respectively.

The Russian legal authorities are taking very intense action against VPN providers to ensure the ban of Telegram to the maximum. According to Roskomnadzor, it has successfully banned 80 VPN service provider, which are specially created to bypass Telegram app ban in Russia.

The frustration of legal authorities regarding Telegram ban is at its peak, and therefore it might be possible that under the new regulations, VPN services could be banned in Russia for not registering with Roskomnadzor.

But will these legal authorities in Russia could be successful in banning the best VPN in Russia? Only time will tell. For more updates, keep checking our news section on a regular basis.

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    Heard that Nordvpn works fine in Russia just haven’t tried it by myself. Would suggest looking up more reviews online but as I saw the feedback Nord definitely is the answer in this case.

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