The New Tiny Palm Device will help to Balance Excess Smartphone Screen Time

If you are struggling in cutting your excess smartphone screen time, then your wait is over. The new tiny gadget with the name of “Palm” will be available in the market in November that would be helpful to get rid of your amateurish use of a smartphone.

However, according to the manufacture of this upcoming “Palm” device, it will be only available for as an add-on, who uses Verizon plan.

The first look of this new Palm device makes me pretty excited and also give some weird feeling at the same time since it looks like a baby “iPhone X.”

Additionally, it will cost around $349.99 and seems like Steph Curry is a part of the design team.

This upcoming Palm device looks uncanny. You can use this with your Verizon plan that assists you to share your number. This tiny device is manufactured to use it on vacations or when you go for a walk after coming from your workplace or when you do not want to waste your time on a smartphone device.

The reason why this Palm device is introduced is to balance your screen time of different apps by giving very limited access and options as compared to your smartphone.

Furthermore, Palm is an Android-based device, which runs on 8.1 version and supports all the apps that are available on Google Play Store.

In short, “this new tiny device is invented to keep away from using your big and XL smartphones, but it could do all the things your big one can do if you wanted (but you shouldn’t because the whole idea is to get you to be a little less obsessed with your phone).

It’s like a phone for your phone. Moreover, Steph Curry helped design cases for it so you can strap it to your forearm during workouts. There are Kate Spade clutches for it, too.

The features it provides looks like, it will be surely difficult for it to achieve its objective and also the price also categorized as a luxury. However, the idea is still very impressive but not that appealing for sure to help users to balance their smartphone screen time.

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