Toyota Australia & Melbourne Cardiology Hospital Attacked by Hackers

Toyota Australia and Melbourne Cardiology Hospital attacked by an unknown group of hackers.

Today, Toyota Australia confirms that they are suffering from cyber attack in its operating systems. However, it believes that during this cyber attack no data has been collected by hackers related to clients or workers.

Furthermore, the auto motor company confirms that they are clueless regarding who is behind the attack.

Moreover, for this, it is working with high-profile online privacy professionals to regain full control of its operations.

“Toyota Australia can confirm it has been the victim of an attempted cyber attack.” “At this stage, we believe no private employee or customer data has been accessed,” according to Toyota officials.

Although this is not the only online hacking incident that come into notice today, but cardiology hospital in Melbourne is also hit by cyber thieves.

The Australian Cyber Security told that it recently notified regarding online attack at the Melbourne Heart Group.

“ACSC provided cyber security advice and assistance to MHG,” a spokesperson said. Adding it was inappropriate to comment further when the matter was ongoing.

A Cabrini spokeswoman told the Herald Sun the Melbourne Heart Group was a tenant with a consulting suite in the hospital building.

She also said the group had completely separate systems and that no Cabrini systems or operations were affected.

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The files affected did not belong to Cabrini patients, the spokeswoman added.

“Data storage and other information systems in specialist suites are owned and managed by the specialists, not by Cabrini,” a statement by Cabrini chief executive Dr. Michael Walsh said.

“No Cabrini data storage or patient-related systems or operations have been impacted. Or compromised by this incident, and there has been no breach of hospital patient data.”

“Cabrini is providing support to Melbourne Heart Group about this incident.”

The Melbourne Heart Group said in a statement in late January they experienced a cybersecurity incident in which their patient’s data was encrypted.

“This means that our patients’ information became inaccessible to anyone, including ourselves. We have been assured that no patient’s privacy has been compromised in any way. Furthermore, we are working through this issue with our IT provider. Also hope to resolve it as soon as possible,” a spokeswoman said.

“We are deeply sorry that this incident happened. Moreover, we encourage all our patients to contact our office so that we can keep them updated.”

Furthermore she added that no patients were being turned away and the clinics were operating as usual.

Australian Medical Association President Dr. Tony Bartone said the hack highlighted the importance of health facilities having robust IT protocols.

“It would appear the sole motive or the sole reason for the hack was to render the information unavailable to the users of the facility and extract a price for that release,” he said.

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