YouTube Hacked, VEVO Celebrity Channels Compromised


News just broke, YouTube hacked and official VEVO celebrity’s channel have been compromised. It’s still not clear as to how these hackers got access to most viewed YouTube channel or were they able to breach their accounts through emails.

That said, following is a list of Celebrity Channels that were a target of YouTube hacked:

  • Shakira (ShakiraVEVO)
  • Adele (AdeleVEVO)
  • Selena Gomez (SelenaGomezVEVO)
  • Chris Brown (ChrisBrownVEVO)
  • Luis Fonsi (LuisFonsiVEVO)
  • Post Malone (PostMaloneVEVO)
  • Kaaris (KaarisOfficialVEVO)
  • Lacrim (LacrimMusicVEVO)
  • Vevo (Vevo)
  • Katy Perry
  • Maître Gims (MaitreGimsVEVO)
  • Taylor Swift (TaylorSwiftVEVO)

Who Hacked YouTube?

  • Prosox
  • Kuroi’SH
  • Shade
  • Akashi IT


Based on the “Free Palestine” title, the hackers seem to be anti-Israel. As this news is still on fire, we will keep updating this article from time to time and give you more information from authentic resources.

As for it’s after effects, they deleted the video of a hit song, Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.

Furthermore, one of the hackers is running his official Twitter page called ProsoxW3b. In a recent tweet (which is now deleted), the hacker said:

“@YouTube Its just for fun i just use script “youtube-change-title-video” and i write “hacked” don t judge me i love youtube <3”.

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Is There a Solution if Your YouTube Channel is Hacked?

A few minutes ago, YouTube officials posted an update in case your account is hacked. The guide highlights that if you see changes in the videos you have uploaded and they aren’t made by you, then your account has been compromised.

The good news is that YouTube provided solutions for users who can still sign in to their account and for those as well who can’t sign in to their account.

As a precautionary measure, use 2-step verification to prevent further infiltrations.

Only time will tell how this news will pan out. Keep watching this space for more updates related to YouTube hacking.

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