Mr. Zuckerberg Testimony Turned Into “How Tech Works” Lessons

10th April 2018, Facebook CEO Mr. Zuckerberg was roasted by the senators of US Senate due to Cambridge Analytica scandal.

But eventually except few senators, most of the senators don’t know what type of questions they should ask from Facebook CEO due to lack of knowledge related to how tech works.

During the testimony, Senate geriatric members ask some illogical questions from Mr. Zuckerberg that showed that these senators have very little knowledge about how things on social websites works on internet-sounds crazy.

This is the reason Facebook CEO easily escaped from difficult situations where he should be testified more seriously. It looks like a first class of computer science students about how internet works.

We take some amazing questions ask by respected elderly senators.

Senator Mr. Hatch asked Facebook how they sustain their social network business model when they do not charge from their users for their services, wait what?

Yes this is true, this congressman was looking totally unaware of why Facebook CEO is here for testimony-shocking.

Mr. Wicker rather than asking Facebook CEO about privacy breaching issues, he was taking lesson from Mr. Zuckerberg how they collect data when the user is not using Facebook app-just mind blowing.

Not only Elderly Senate member who didn’t know how Facebook works. Senator Mr. Schatz, who may be the youngest member of the Senate, asked Mr. Zuckerberg about if he “emailed” someone on WhatsApp-Oh really email through WhatsApp!

Even when Facebook CEO told him that advertisement companies are not able to see any conversation on WhatsApp because it is fully encrypted.

Mr. Schatz still asked Zuckerberg if he would get Black Panther banners on Facebook if he messaged someone related to the movie on WhatsApp.

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It seems like Senate requested Mr. Rush to please come out of his grave and join Mr. Zuckerberg testimony session.

Rather than asking Facebook CEO about data breaching and how he will assure that this kind of data breaching activity won’t happen again, he start giving social responsibility lessons to Zuckerberg

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Social media users found it shocking that the congressmen who are responsible to regulate technology cleanly have totally unaware of how tech really works. So, they start grilling them with some hilarious memes

Senators were clueless what to ask from Facebook CEO about privacy breaching. Instead of investigating related to how he will ensure the privacy in future, most of the time they ask about tech suggestion.


On the other hand, Mr. Zuckerberg robotic reactions makes users to make some crazy memes on twitter.






Conclusively, Zuckerberg testimony failed to ask some most relevant question and investigation that should be asked from Mr. Mark Zuckerberg to ensure the privacy of social network users in future.


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