Akamai Netsession: Is It Capable of Enhancing My System’s Performance?

If you are looking into your system’s files, you probably find one with the name of “Akamai Netsession.”

Or this might be the scenario that a notification pops out on your system screen, which says “Are you okay to grant access to Akamai Netsession client to communicate with the private and public network.


Moreover, this may keep you in confusion what might be “Akamai Netsession” is? Is it any malware or virus? Or kind of data mining software that will eat your system’s performance?

Well to answer all your queries regarding what Akamai Netsession, I write this blog to understand what this tool does and whether it is safe to have in your system or not.

What is Akamai Netsession?

Akamai Netsession is a download manager software that enhances the online download speed.

According to testing, it has the potential to provide you faster media and data downloads from a large number of sources.

Akamai Netsession Interface is also used by sources from where you can download files and videos. It means it helps both receiver and sender to download the file rapidly.

It is not necessary that you need to download this tool separately on your system. Sometimes the resources or website from where you download the content also installed this tool on your PC.

And sometimes, your system gets BIOS update with Akamai Netsession software. In short, Akamai Netsession is a software that offers the following features:

  • Speedy downloads.
  • Offers secure and reliable sources to download.
  • Has the potential to download a large quantity of downloads in minimum time.
  • Supports SSL security and HTTPS

What is Akamai Netsession Client According to Wikipedia?

According to Wikipedia, Akamai Netsession Client is a software that offers a service to send content from other end users’ systems. This software operates through peer-to-peer technology.

So when a user requests to download any content from a source that runs Akamai Netsession, the pop-up immediately appears on the screen to install “Akamai Netsession” on your system.

Once you install this Akamai software, it works for you as a download manager. It helps you to download quality downloads in minimal time.

This download manager does not only works as a download manager but also works as a peer-to-peer client server. This means sending content cached on the user’s systems to other users’ systems.

Is Akamai Netsession Installed in My PC Automatically?

Usually, Akamai Netsession already installed in your system, since there is various software also use it.

Most of the times this Akamai tool comes with games you install on your systems.

But sometimes you do not notice when it gets installed with other software as you hurry and click on agree on terms and condition without reading it.

Other Features of Akamai Netsession Client

Akamai Netsession not only serves as a download manager that uses peer-to-peer servers to enhance the speed of downloads and quality but also it offers some other worth mention features too.

Following are some key features, and it works offer by Akamai Netsession software:

Offers Content Delivery Process

Akamai netsession client offers a content sending feature that starts when a user is submitting a request on the browser.

Once you type a URL, a DNS appeal is active, and an IP address is retrieved. With the IP address, the browser you are using can be then able to communicate with the web server directly.

In the process of sending content, the website name of the URL translates by the mapping system within the IP address of an edge server to provide you a content.

Akamai sends content with the help of its server by intelligently mirroring elements such as CSS, HTML, software, streaming content and downloads from clients’ servers.

The most phenomenal thing about Akamai server is that it automatically detects nearest location to download the content upon your request.

In this way, getting the download from closest server leads to a faster and high-quality download.

Akamai claims to provide better download patterns to download your favorite content by avoiding the middle-mile bottleneck of the internet.

The Download Delivery product line includes HTTP downloads for large downloadable objects.

A customizable application for consumers and analytics tools with metrics that monitor and report on the download process.

Peer-to-Peer Networking Severs

Another Akamai netsession is most significant feature that it uses its servers. This speedy server sends content from end users’ systems, with the help of peer-to-peer networking.

So when you send a request to download large files by the system that already have Akamai, it requests you to download “Akamai Netsession Interface,” to minimize downloading time and increase quality.

The server does not only works as a download manager, like sending content from the internet. But also works as a peer-to-peer server, sending content on your system to other users systems.

Offers State of the Internet Feature

Akamai netsession provides state of the internet feature. This means it NOCC (Network Operation Command Centre has the potential of offering tracking, web traffic and troubleshooting all its servers.

In this way, the netsession redirects your request to the server where the traffic is low so that you can download your desired content rapidly.

Offers Visualizing the Internet

Akamai netsession client “data visualization” feature provides a live picture of how data is moving across the internet in real time.

It means you can see overall internet statistics, anonymous attack on web traffic and connection speed.

Also, the net usage indices monitor global news consumption, industry-specific traffic, and mobile trends.

Akamai also offers the Internet Visualization application, which allows users to view real-time data on their mobile device.

Reliable and Primary Domains

The company owns around 60 domains. Following are some primary domains offers by Akamai:

CorporateContent Domains & Networks DNS Servers
akamai.com – Akamai’s domainakamai.netakamaitech.net
akamaihd.net, a content-delivery network used by companies like Ubisoft, Steam, Twitter, and Facebook to speed up their servicesakamaistream.net
akamaitechnologies.com, a content-delivery network used by companies like Adobe

Is Akamai Netsession Safe?

According to the Akamai Netsession official website, the tool is safe and secure to use. This software may install automatically, or you can install it manually to enhance the download speed.

Although, I dig deeper to find out is Akamai Netsession safe or not.

For this, I went through different communities to find out users review who are using it that will help to answer regarding netsession safety.

Following findings reveal some significant concerns that are directly relevant to Akamai safety concerns:

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