Avast Cleanup Premium Review – Does it Improve System’s Performance? [Updated 2019]

Avast is one of the top brands that develop an effective system and security software. Avast software’s has a huge market all over the world and cements itself on two factors: reliability and performance. Best thing is Avast not only deals in security software, but they also provide tools that assist you in cleaning your system and devices. It cleans garbage/junk to enhance your system’s performance. We can say that Avast Cleanup premium is the best tool to make your system performance faster again.


Although many users think that Avast cleanup is overpriced, we think this cleanup is far better compared to other cheap substitutes available in the market.

avast cleanup

It is true when you are looking at different adware or Google ads, they actually misguide you in buying cheap cleaner for your device. These cleaners might become harmful for your system rather than improving its performance.

Therefore, it is very easy to find various cleaner software’s, but Avast cleanup offers reliability and effective performance. In terms of trust and features, there is no margin that Avast cleanup will bring your system down. To provide you unbiased Avast Cleanup review, we test the service on different systems to the maximum.

Is Avast Cleanup worth it?

Best Features

After conducting Avast Cleanup review, we found some great features which lets Avast standout from other cleanup software’s.

Clean Applications Data

The first beneficial feature of using Avast cleanup is that it removes all unnecessary data from applications. This data occupies large portions of your hard drive, making the system slow.

Clean Uninstalled Documents

The major objective of cleanup software is to remove unnecessary data from your system. But Avast cleanup not only cleans obsolete data, but it also cleans uninstalled software and application files from the system.

This feature is great for gamers and for those users who require different software on regular basis.

Scan and Clean Unnecessary Entries

This is a basic feature but one of the most useful, which other clean up software fail to provide. Avast cleanup continuously scans for the unnecessary entries and errors in the registry, such as obsolete and corrupt entries to clean it from your system.

Turn-off Time Taking Boot Applications

There are various applications that don’t require a restart every time your system boots. Avast cleanup comes with the feature to turn-off these applications that decrease the performance of your system during booting. This feature is helpful for those users who don’t manage the process manually.

All the features mentioned above are fairly basic and should be offered by any cleanup tool. But the performance of these services is the main concern while choosing a cleanup tool. We think Avast cleanup is might be little expensive from other cleanup tools, but it is the most reliable cleanup tool in terms of performance.


Avast cleanup pricing offers similar pricing strategy as compare to other cleanup tools. Avast offers discount deals in two ways:

  • If you are purchasing cleanup tool for multiple users with system licenses
  • If you are purchasing cleanup tool on the long-term basis

avast cleanup premium

In terms of features of Avast cleanup, for a single user per year, it is quite reasonable. Although this cleanup tool is a bit costly than other cleanup tools in the market, such as AVG and CCleaner. But we think that the price charged by the company is worth it because of its exceptional features and performance.

In case if Avast Cleanup does not live up to your expectations, you can use the 30-days money back guarantee to get your money back!

Reasons to Prefer Avast Cleanup

As we mentioned above, it is easy to find various cleanup tools on different websites. But there are some reasons which make Avast Cleanup tool the best as compare to other cleanup tools:

  • It is very simple to use and provides all the basic cleanup functions
  • The tool is free of malware, viruses, and advertisement
  • It offers a feature to manage the cleanup process manually
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Scan and clean all the unnecessary files and data, even from the system folder to make the system perform better (this feature is provided by most cleanup tools but fail to clean the files from the system folder)

Avast Cleanup Reviews – Cnet

In order to make this review more reliable, we went through different websites to find out users reviews related to Avast Cleanup performance. One of the users is satisfied with the performance:

avast cleanup premium review

Although, we found one user which was disappointed by the Avast Cleanup performance because of delay in activation and poor performance:


Avast Cleanup Premium

Steps For Installing Avast Cleanup Premium

  • Download the setup file
  • After downloading the setup > Click on the setup folder > A User Account Control window will appear > Now click “Yes.”avast cleanup premium download
  • Now select the preferred language
    avast cleanup premium download
  • Now select the file location you want to install Avast Cleanup Premium and Click on “Next” optionavast cleanup premium download
  • A new window will appear >Now click “Install”
    avast cleanup premium download
  • After installation is complete > A new window will appear on the screen > Click “Finish.”avast cleanup premium download

Activate Avast Cleanup Premium

Avast Cleanup is a paid version that requires an activation code to activate the account.  You can get Avast Cleanup activation code via em