Avast Secureline VPN Review: Is it Worth Buying in 2019?

Avast Secureline VPN Review: In this present scenario where sustaining online privacy and security is very sporadic, VPN services are trying vigorously to provide us a path to maintain our online privacy.

However not all the VPN services are efficient enough to provide us ultimate online privacy since we have been reviewing multiple renowned VPN service providers in the past.

There is no doubt that in this modern world, Avast is a savior for us. The huge list of security products provided by Avast is one of the most reliable ways to secure our devices from different kind of pernicious aspects such as viruses, malware, online privacy and much more.

Although some of its products are leading their niche and few of them are still struggling in the market. However, overall Avast is the King of the online security products industry. Moreover, due to its phenomenal online security products, today we decided to do Avast Secureline VPN review here to find out whether Avast VPN is as good as other top VPN services or not.

So without wasting more time, let’s find out how good Avast VPN is with the help of our professional VPN testing team analysis and results.

What is Avast Secureline VPN?

Avast Secureline VPN is a newly introduced security app that offers users to access the internet services via Avast VPN servers with the help of encrypted mechanism.

This Avast Secureline can be used anytime and anywhere just like other top-notch VPN services while using the internet. It provides ultimate security and privacy especially when the user is using the public internet or any unreliable Wi-Fi.

Moreover, this Avast VPN app offers vast servers in multiple regions all around the world. It means this Secureline VPN can bypass geo-location restriction expeditiously to fulfill your binge craving or business needs.

Avast VPN – Highlights

Overall Performance7.5/10
Traffic Log PolicyZero Log Policy
Available In33 countries
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, iOS, and Android
Unblock TorrentYes
Unblock NetflixNo
EncryptionIKEv2, OpenVPN, IPSec
PricingWindows & Mac ($59.99/annually), iOS and Android ($19,99/annually)
Kill Switch FeatureYes
SecurityAES-256 Encryption
HeadquarterPrague, Czech Republic

The highlights of Avast Secureline VPN review conclude that the overall performance of this Avast VPN is exceptional. However, if you compare this Avast VPN with other top-notch VPN in the market such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN, which are two leading VPN services right now, it seems like Avast VPN is good but not exceptional.

Avast VPN offers overall 55 servers, whereas NordVPN and ExpressVPN offer more than 1500 servers, which means it is still far away to be recognized as one of the top-not VPN providers. Here is an interesting comparison of NordVPN vs ExpressVPN for reading.

However, the reason why Avast VPN is way behind from other top-notch services is due to it was launched in 2014. It means Avast Secureline VPN is still a newbie in the VPN market and there is no denying that Avast VPN will become a top-notch service in coming future.

Additionally, although Avast VPN is not efficient as compared to leading VPN providers, still offers some extraordinary features that other VPN services failed to provide such as Kill Switch button.

Avast VPN Kill Switch feature works fine and provides you with outstanding security and a backup plan. Moreover, if you look at the pricing of Avast VPN, it’s quite economical, but overall there are still many other VPN services available in the market that offers similar services at low prices.

Avast VPN – Pros & Cons


· Offers strong encryption and security

· Offers DNS Leak Protection

· Works great while unblocking torrent

· Very handy to use

· Offers Kill Switch feature

· Zero log policy

· First, ever VPN customer support where the user can contact through call

· No incident of DNS, IP or WebRTC Leaks


· High Pricing as compared to other cheap VPN providers with extra security features and have broad access in multiple countries.

· Very limited servers

· Failed to unblock Netflix

· No router support

· Doesn’t accept payment in Bitcoin

Avast VPN – Pricing

avast vpn pricing

If you still haven’t noticed that Avast Secureline VPN pricing model is completely different from other VPN services available in the market. Instead of offering standard monthly or annually monthly subscription deals, Avast VPN pricing model based on the OS and device you want to use it.

The one-year subscription pricing also varies based on the number of devices you want to use with Avast VPN. If you are planning to use Avast VPN on more than one device, then $79.99 subscription is best according to your need since you can avail five devices in this package (means $16 per device/year).

However, if you want to use Avast VPN on your system, whether it’s Mac or Windows, you can get the subscription in $59.99/annually.

Moreover, for mobile devices (whether its iOS or Android device), You can get the subscription in $19.99/annually for one device.

Avast VPN – Refund Policy

Avast Secureline VPN offers a standard 30 days money back guarantee if you buy it from online Avast store or through Apple Store or Google Play.

However, you can only get a refund based on the Avast VPN subscription terms and conditions, which says:

If you use more than 10GB data (includes both downloading and uploading) and if you use the Avast VPN over 100 times (it means you connect over 100 times), in these cases, you are not eligible for a refund.

Avast VPN – Security and Privacy

Avast Security and Privacy

Avast VPN uses two strong protocols that are Open VPN and IPSec on UDP with military grade 256-AES encryption, which is ranked as one of the most secure encryption.

Open VPN protocol is used for Android and Windows platform While IPSec protocol is used for iOS and Mac devices. Avast VPN can encrypt all the online activities of users which includes internet browser and all other activities where the internet is connected.

After the extensive testing, it is true that this VPN does not monitor or track user’s activity. Moreover, Avast Secureline VPN ensures that they have zero log policy, but it still keeps certain logs. However, the type of logs Avast VPN keeps does not endanger your online privacy.

The type of logs that Avast VPN keeps includes connection/disconnection time and session duration, which is removed after every 30 days. However, on the other side, the majority of VPN users still prefer those VPN services, which keep zero log policy.

However, one thing, which we should admire about Avast Secureline VPN, is that they keep transparency regarding what kind of logs they keep and do not follow the unethical habit of falsely claiming that they keep 100% zero logs like many VPN services available in the market.

Overall, after the extensive Avast Secureline VPN testing, According to our tech team, this VPN offers strong security and privacy. The privacy policy they have mentioned on their website is vague, which raises certain doubts. Overall good VPN provided by Avast.

Avast VPN – Performance and Reliability

Avast Secureline VPN is available in 6 continents and 33 countries, providing its services with the help of just 33 servers. The primary countries where Avast Secureline provides its services include UK, USA, China, Canada, Japan, and Singapore.

The other countries where its services are available is quite normal and also offers some limited features in those specific regions.

When you talk about speed, it is common that most of the VPN service slowdowns the connection. However, while we are testing Avast VPN, the speed of connection is above average as compared to other good VPN services.

Furthermore, we found fluctuations and speed difference while we are testing multiple servers provided by Avast Secureline VPN. It is hard to say that Avast VPN speed performance is among top-notch VPN providers because sometimes it performs incredibly good. And sometimes it performs lower than the free VPN service available in the market.

However, when we were testing this VPN, we don’t find any massive disturbance in speed and when the connection speed at its lowest, we didn’t face a single glitch while browsing different video or downloading any content

Avast VPN – Server Availability

Avast Server Locations

Avast Secureline VPN – Features

Following are the primary features offer by Avast Secureline VPN:

 Military Grade 256-AES Encryption

Offers highly secured incoming and outgoing of data against malicious content, anonymous hackers and phishing attacks with the help of providing best 256-AES encryption.

Offers Strong Wi-Fi Security

Provide ultimate security when you connect your device on different Wi-Fi networks. From your favorite café to local and international destinations or any public network, it provides ultimate online privacy to its users.

DNS Leak Protection

One of the best features of Avast Antivirus we have come across is its DNS leak protection. This feature makes Avast Antivirus stands out since most of the top-notch VPN failed to provide it.

Avast also provides complete antivirus security software solution, do read this detailed comparison Bitdefender vs Avast article.

Offers Open Source Privacy Protection

The VPN service provided by Avast VPN is based on two highly secured protocols, which are Open VPN and IPSec. That is why Avast VPN is one of the trusted, reliable and speedy VPN providers (NordVPN or ExpressVPN) in the market.

How Good is Avast VPN – FAQ’s

Is Avast Secureline VPN Safe?

There is no denying that Avast Secureline VPN keeps certain logs. However, it is completely safe to use since the data it keeps through logs do not have any sensitive data which can endanger your privacy and security.

How to Remove Avast Account from Avast VPN App?

If you want to remove your Avast VPN account, click or tap on the device you want to delete. Just by going through app account settings and select the device you want to remove and select “Yes” to complete the procedure.

Summing-Up: Is Avast Secureline VPN Worth it or not?

We hope that you would find our Avast Secureline VPN Review helpful to decide whether this Avast product is worth it to use or not.

There is no doubt that Avast always stands out when it comes to online security products and software. However, when it comes to VPN services, we think Avast VPN is still far away to share highest ranks in the VPN industry.

So overall Avast Secureline performance is satisfactory for us and overall testing results are also good but still lacks major features that must be offered by any outstanding VPN service.

If you still have any confusion or want to add something, feel free to contact us, by shouting your comment below.

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