Its time for Bitwarden review! The increasing dependency on online services leads to maintain several accounts at once.

From social media sites to online banking, every domain needs you to create an account with a password.

But when you need to maintain multiple accounts, this is where your brain give up to remember all of your passwords.

One solution to avoid this headache is by keeping simple passwords for every online account. Or keep one strong password for each account with some tweaks.

However, these two techniques lead you to become a victim of identity theft most probably. If I am at your place, I never use these awful techniques.

Relying on a password manager is the best way to create an unbreakable and unique password for every online account without any hassle.

So don’t be a stingy person just to save a penny. Nothing is more valuable than your online privacy. So, start using a password manager right now.

But wait! You do not know which is the best password manager to use in 2019? Well, this is why today I am going to review Bitwarden here.

After reading so many Bitwarden review reddit, I finally decide to provide my ultimate Bitwarden review 2019, so you decide whether this password manager is best for you or not.

What is Bitwarden?

Bitwarden is a free and open source password manager for individuals, teams, and business organizations.

It works as both password storage and generator tool. Bitwarden supports synchronizing between all of your devices, making it easy and convenient to use.

One point Bitwarden makes is that using the same password across all of your accounts is a big security issue.

If your password is compromised for one account, a hacker may try your password on other accounts. Password managers make it simple to use complex and unique passwords across the board.

Is Bitwarden Best Password Manager in 2019

Since Bitwarden came into existence, it gets lots of positive reviews from users due to the password management features it provides.

When it comes to choosing a security tool, it would be great if it’s an open source. The reason why I prefer an open source security tool is that anyone could see the program source code.

It means if there is any flaw in the tool, it can be fixed on an immediate basis. And if the process of fixing bugs is fast, it means there would be fewer flaws that lead to the more secure tool.

Bitwarden Stores Your Passwords in Encrypted Form

Another great feature that Bitwarden offers that It stores all your passwords in encrypted form. And these encrypted passwords can only unlock by you.

Now you may assume why I am prominently talking about this feature since every password manager must store passwords in the encrypted form right?

But what if I tell you that there are very few password managers that already encrypted your passwords on your device before storing it on cloud servers.

And Bitwarden is one of them that offers this amazing feature.

Having your passwords encrypted, hosted in the cloud, with easy access on just about any device you own is a lifesaver.

If you happen to be like me, you bounce back and forth between several devices and synchronizing your passwords securely is something I cannot live without.

However, which OS (operating system) or browser you are using, whether its Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome, or Firefox, Bitwarden has always covered you.

Bitwarden’s Offers to Choose Password Data Base

Option to choose your own database feature is something very rare offer by any password manager.

And this gives the edge to Bitwarden to be one of the best password managers in 2019 since it offers to choose your own database.

This means, if you are not comfortable in using Bitwarden’s cloud storage, you have the freedom to choose the database of your own choice to save your passwords on your different devices.

Bitwarden’s Offers Most Demandable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Feature

Nowadays if you talk about any privacy tool, according to experts one of the must demandable option that must be a tool is Two-Factor Authentication Feature (2FA).

Why 2FA feature matters? Well, it adds an additional layer of protection. How? Well when you try to login in any of your accounts, it requires a secondary code before logging in.

So if someone even knows your private account password, as a Bitwarden user, that person still cannot log in into your account because he/she still requires 2FA code.

Bit Warden Can Import all of your Passwords from Other Popular Password Managers

After reading all the mentioned above features, if you are planning for switching to Bitwarden, the major concern that you may face is how to import your passwords.

Well, you do not worry about it either since Bitwarden provides a way to import all of your passwords.

So, if you were previously using other popular password managers like LastPass, Dashlane, Sticky Password or etc.  you can import all of your passwords from there, which is amazing.

Bitwarden Has All the Ability to Create Strong Passwords

Just like all the top-notch passwords managers, Bitwarden is also capable of creating strong passwords.

According to my testing, when it comes to creating secure passwords, Bitwarden is one of the best if not the best.

It provides you multiple options to choose from in creating passwords for your online accounts. From creating your own password option to use a passphrase instead.

Gives Option to Share Netflix & Hulu Passwords with Friends & Family 1

What’s better than this if you can securely share your Hulu, Netflix, and security alarm passwords with your friends and family? If I tell you that Bitwarden offers such kind of sharing features.

Yes, you read it right, Bit warden now you can share your passwords with others. However, if you are using Bitwarden’s free subscription, you can share your passwords with two free accounts.


Bitwarden’s Free Subscription

So far you must be thinking, Bitwarden sounds great, it features encrypted cloud storage. And syncing, unlimited entries, apps for the most popular platforms.

Moreover, it’s open source, has a password generator, and 2FA. Now, for one of the most important questions, how much is it going to cost me?

Amazingly, for all of those benefits I just listed, it is 100 percent free.


Bitwarden’s Paid Subscription

Although, Bitwarden’s free subscription plan has all the basic features that must offer by the best password manager.

But it does not mean it has not offered its premium plan. Like other password managers, it also offers some extra feature if you are opting for its premium feature.

Bitwarden’s premium subscription includes up to 1GB encrypted file storage 2FA with a hardware key, sharing with up to five users, and more than that is all available for a very reasonable price.


What is the Best Way to Use Bitwarden Password Manager to Get Ultimate Privacy

Using Bitwarden password manager is not the ultimate solution to secure your online privacy. Password manager only helps you to secure your online account credentials from being hacked.

Which means it does not secure you from all the privacy dangers. Like if you secure your passwords using Bitwarden and still using Google products and services, your online privacy is at risk.

Google products and services use different trackers to collect every single online activity. If you already de-google your life, your online privacy is still not completely protected.

Since your ISP (Internet Service Providers) also keeps tracks on your online activity. And also shares your data with government agencies without your consent.

Especially when you live in five eyes, nine eyes and fourteen eyes countries. So what is the best way to protect your online privacy?

Well for this, I would recommend you to use these tools and tips to gain your ultimate privacy:

  • With Bitwarden, you need to say goodbye to Google and switch to its alternatives. For the best alternatives to Google, see my “How to Degoogle your Life” guide.
  • For ultimate privacy use best VPN service (who are located outside 5, 9 and 14 eyes countries). See my guide “What is VPN and How it works” to choose appropriate VPN provider, according to your need.


After using a Bitwarden for a month, the only drawback I have experienced is some extra steps to follow in order to fill in my passwords on my Android and iOS device.

However, once you get done with it, the default auto fill service will make ease for you. By popping out suggestion within the apps while you trying to login.

If you are still using Bitwarden Chrome, it requires few more steps to allow access to services.

In order to fill the username and password, I had to select the password field, swipe down, tap on the notification, scan my fingerprint, and then tap on the username and password.

This makes it a little bit more complex as compared to another top of the line password managers. Overall it free plan has a lot to offer and you can go extra security by opting for its premium subscription.

In short, apart from its some extra steps to follow on its Android and iOS app, Bitwarden without a doubt is one of the best password managers in 2019.

I hope you would find this Bitwarden review helpful to make a decision whether you should opt for this phenomenal password manager. Or keep using your current manager.

Tell me if you are going to use Bitwarden, after reading my blog by commenting “Yes” in the comment section below.

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