StopAd Review 2019 – Amazing Features & Unparalleled Performance

StopAd is one of the best Ad blockers in the market. Other than its Ad blocking features, it also works as a privacy protection tool, which makes it a top quality tool amongst the list of paid advertisement removal software.


To provide you entirely unprejudiced StopAd review, we tested this Ad blocker to the maximum. This article will give you a detailed review of StopAd that will help you to decide whether you should use this Ad blocker or not.

StopAd Review – Pros & Cons


  • First Ad blocking software that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence), which is more efficient in blocking ads as compared to open source filter technique
  • High compatibility with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Smart TV devices
  • Ability to block both common and advanced types of ads on YouTube, Facebook, Google Search and many more
  • Provide “Block Element” feature that helps user to block specific ads and banners, which they don’t want to see.
  • No ad exceptions on any website or social platform
  • Efficient and effective 24/7 customer support
  • Blocks crypto mining scripts on different social apps and websites (paid version)
  • Ability to block ad trackers (paid version)
  • Keep your device secure and safe from the spamming website and malicious malware (paid version)


  • Paid version key only works on one device at a time
  • Free version only works with one app or browser at a time
  • Price is comparatively high as compared to other Ad blocking software.

What is StopAd?

StopAd app is one of its kind software that not only provides Ad blocking services, but also ensures its user’s online data privacy. Once you installed this app on your device, StopAd starts doing its job efficiently by blocking all kinds of online advertisements, banners, and pop-ups on most frequently used browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge and more).

stopad review

StopAd also works fine with different social websites (such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter) on both Mac and Windows.

Moreover, this Ad blocking app supports Android and iOS devices too. Its Android app has the ability to block ads on more than 1 million apps (such as Trip Advisor, Shazam, Dr.Web, Avast, Duolinguo, SoundCloud, etc.). However, StopAd iOS app is much lighter than its Android app and works more like a content filter on Safari.

StopAd Pricing Plan


StopAd offers two pricing plans, monthly and yearly. You can subscribe to their one-month plan for only $8.75 and $33.00 for their annual plan. If you break down the yearly plan, it costs only $2.75/month. Considering other options, this is a bargain.

That said, only one account works on one device at a time. This means that you will have to buy a new account for each of your devices. This could add up in overall costs.

StopAd Apps Compatibility/ Download Links

This multi-feature Ad blocking software offers its app for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Smart TV devices. It works proficiently with all devices and that’s one of the reason, which makes us to provide StopAd review. Following are the links from where you can download StopAd app.

stop ad features

Best StopAd Features

After testing StopAd along with other Ad blocking app, we found some extraordinary features provided by StopAd that others Ad blocking tools failed to provide.

Privacy Protection

StopAd offers privacy protection tool along with its primary Ad blocking feature. This privacy protection tools greatly helps users to be protected from malicious and phishing websites and halts browser-based cryptocurrency mining.

This privacy protection feature makes StopAd one of the best Ad blocking app especially when online privacy is becoming a great concern.

Uses AI Based Ad Blocker Technology

StopAd is the first Ad blocking app that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) based technology, which is more efficient than open source filter list based on manually updated data.

With the help of AI mechanism, this app can detect ads and banners with almost accurate precision (82.6%). It can even identify and block online advertisements that intentionally imitate a website’s content and are not marked as advertisements.

Light Weight App

As compared to other Ad blocking apps, StopAd is a lightweight app. It means it does not affect the performance and battery life of your device and websites will load faster since you will not be waiting for ads to load—they are just blocked.

Customize Ad Blocking Feature

One of the best feature about this app is that it offers customize Ad blocking features, which means if you don’t want to block every ad on the website, then you can use custom feature to set whichever ad you want to see.

Doesn’t Require to Root Devices before Using the App

Another feature that makes this app top notch Ad blocking app is that it is very simple to use and user does not need to root their device before using StopAd as compared to other apps.

Efficient Customer Service

According to the perspective of our tech experts, at the time of testing StopAd, whenever they ask help from StopAd customer support, they gave a very quick response to them.

This is one of the key features nowadays, especially in tech industry where users are greatly dependent on customer service.

Is StopAd Safe?

There is no doubt that this app is 100% as it provides Ad blocking services to the users without sending any data outside the digital world (where other hackers use your data). Therefore, there is a 100% guarantee that your personal information is safe while using the StopAd app on your device.

Is StopAd Legal to use?

StopAd app is 100% legal as it offers blocking services for users who don’t want to see anonymous ads while using different social platforms or browsing websites.

StopAd VS Other Ad Blockers

While testing and comparing StopAd app with other Ad Blockers apps, we found some differences, which makes this app the best Ad blocking software so far. Following are some key differences we found during StopAd review

  • User need to install StopAd app only one time on their device to use with multiple browser and social apps, while other ad blockers need to install separately for every browser and social apps
  • StopAd is first Ad blocking app that blocks ads and banners within the app as compared to other alternatives available in the market
  • Offers “Block Element” feature that means you can block specific ads while using StopAd app on your device
  • First AI mechanism based Ad blocking app that finds new ads and creates new rules so you will not see these ads.

StopAd Customer Support Review

The reason why we include this heading in StopAd review because this is something that most of the app providing organizations don’t take care of. Although, it is a significant part of providing service especially when customers paying for it.

What we experienced while using StopAd customer service is remarkable. Moreover, we found that we are not the only ones who are happy with StopAd’s customer support, but majority of their customers are very satisfy with their support too.

For this, we have collect some evidences to keep StopAd review unbiased.

StopAd User-User Review

To make this StopAd review more authentic, we add more comments from different social platforms of customers.

Here we found a comment of one StopAd user who is completely satisfied with its service

However, this person had faced difficulty while using StopAd app on browser


Conclusively, StopAd app is one of the best Ad blocking app so far. Especially due its data privacy and mining protection feature.

However, two concerns that make our tech expert decision bit difficult, to whether use StopAd app or not as its comparatively high price. And paid version key only works on one device at a time.

We hope that you would find this StopAd review useful to make your decision whether to use this Ad blocking app or not. Although if you still have any query or confusion, contact us, by mentioning your comment below.


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