17 Secure Alternatives to Facebook for 2019

The fall is great for Facebook and there is nothing new about it. Users are getting worried and concerned about their privacy. They have taken the initiative of deleting their accounts because of Facebook data leakage scandal. So we provide you with 17 best alternatives to Facebook.

Our life constantly revolves around numerous social networking platforms. So it is obvious that you must be looking for secure Facebook alternatives, which keeps your social activities running safely.

This kind of data leakage activities has been going on since 2004. Yes! It’s just an illusion form of “Surveillance Organizations”. Former CIA operative and Freedom of Press President, “Edward Snowden” recently tweeted about the reality of social media platforms:

Edward Snowden

In this article, we provide you the best and secure 2019 alternatives to Facebook in three different categories. Categories are divided according to the volume of users and privacy (Primary), ease of use (Secondary), and safest alternatives (Blockchain based).

Primary Alternatives to Facebook


We assume that you already know about Twitter to some extent. If you don’t, then it is a perfect time to start. Twitter is a social media, but with limitation to characters per post (280 characters).


Although, this social platform is slightly different as compared to Facebook, but shares some similarities. Rather than tagging persons, it comes with a trend hashtags, followers, moments, and most important of all, tweets.

You can also share and post your photos, news and ongoing trends with individuals you know and follow them as well.

However, we know that you are thinking the same thing, what happened to Facebook could happen with Twitter as well. But, Twitter is less cultured than Facebook. Users mostly engage on sharing content related to trends.

Link: https://twitter.com/login/


This social media platform not only keeps your data safe but also provides you opportunity to enhance your snap story skills.

This is more secure as compare to Facebook because it deletes your snaps automatically after 24 hours.


You can take snaps and selfie with different exciting filters and post it as a story and also send them to the specific Snapchat user if you want to.

The reason why this app comes in the primary alternatives category to Facebook is that of it deletes your stories after a day.

Link: https://www.snapchat.com/

Orkut-Hello Network

If you are missing your old-school social network especially after what Facebook did to its users, then your wait is over now. The creator of owner Orkut Buyukkokten introduces a new social “Hello Network” app.


Orkut-Hello Network provides you a platform to connect with content and people based on your interest just like old time with exciting customized interface and features. Enjoy classic way to represent the world who you are, what you like and create connections with people globally.

Right now this social app is only available in some specific countries and you can use it only on iOS and Android devices.

Link: http://www.orkut.com/index.html

Wire App

The developers of Wire app created a highly anticipated messaging app according to present online security concerns. And the most fantastic thing about this end-to-end encrypted messaging app is that it is designed by the same designers who also created Skype.

wire app

The prime motivation to create Wire app is to provide a highly secure communication platform that is for both personal and business use.

As this app is in its initial stages, most of you are very concern that this app will be successful as Facebook or other popular different social platforms. But after testing this app to the fullest, our tech team experts believe that this app will get fame similar to these so-called secure social platforms.

Moreover, the interface of this app is quite unusual and also offers features like a chat with more than one person and voice chat which is backed by highly integrated and sophisticated technology.

And when you talk about its security aspects, our tech experts rank this app above most popular alternatives such as Facebook, Skype, and WhatsApp.

Link: https://wire.com/en/


Good news for those who are looking for the best alternatives to Facebook 2019, as Vero offers lifetime free subscription for first million users.


This social media platform uses a subscription-based model and keeps you safe from different ads or any spam messages. Unfortunately, Vero is only available on iOS and Android devices, as Windows or Mac users will have to do with other alternatives to Facebook.

Another point to consider while using Vero is that it collects your data only for monitoring purposes, so it could provide you details about how often you use the app. If you are not feeling secure due to this feature, you can turn off this feature.

Link: https://www.vero.co/


Following posts by your friends on Facebook is something that becomes boring after sometime, but not if you use Raftr. It is a social media service where you can