GDPR Compliance May 2018 – Everything You Need to Know

As you know what Facebook and Cambridge Analytica did earlier this year, GDPR compliance becomes very crucial to make your online privacy safe and secure.

The implication of GDPR not only affects organizations in Europe, but also a vast range of global firms that run their businesses in European countries.

However, many of us don’t know how GDPR compliance works and how to implement it, especially when only 11 days are left.

But don’t worry, this article will guide you to fulfil GDPR compliance for both users and businesses. It includes all the essential aspects of GDPR that helps you to understand it and how to make it useful to protect your online data from being compromised.

Before looking into GDPR compliance checklist and its impact on business, lets quickly get an intro and easy to understand explanation about what is a GDPR and data privacy laws.

What is GDPR Compliance?

GDPR Stands for ‘General Data Protection Regulation.’ GDPR is a creation of a new level of online data privacy regulations to provide European nation’s public more privacy and control over their data.

GDPR Compliance

The primary objective of GDPR is to regulate the simplified version of online business environment, which leads to providing benefits to both public and businesses in Europe.

This new set of online regulations structured to provide a platform, which is according to the modern trend of life, where online data privacy becomes a fundamental necessity.

From social platforms to a financial institution, online shopping, state authorities, etc. almost everything based on online data. All these online organizations need our data, credit card number, activities we love to do and our interest to provide access to the online world.

Therefore, to provide you more secure access to the online world, especially what happened related to the breaching of users online data, finally GDPR will provide a proper control to users over their data.

So how do you comply with GDPR and make it beneficial for users?

GDPR Compliance

As we become more independent on online services and where there are no data privacy laws and regulations, data breaching occurs frequently.

User’s online data is stolen or falls into the hands of corporate institutions and state authorities, which use it to control them by throwing psychological marketing strategies.

However, under the GDPR compliance, the corporate institutions will have to acknowledge that users online personal data is gathered based on legal terms.

So those organizations, which are responsible for gathering and administrating user’s private data, would be strictly obliged to protect user’s data from being misused. Moreover, these organizations are also responsible for respecting the rights of privacy of users.

And with GDPR compliance, if an organization failed to ensure protection of users, online data will face substantial penalties and might face court hearings as well.

GDPR Compliance Checklist

To effective GDPR compliance, over-viewing the checklist is mandatory. This checklist will help both users and business significantly to understand rules and regulations that come under GDPR to ensure the online data privacy.

Here is the list of GDPR compliance you take care of as part of implication.

Legal Governance

Legal Governance

Privacy Regulations

Privacy Regulations

Legal Processing

Legal Processing

Online Data Rights

Online Data Rights

Privacy Concern by Default and Design

Privacy Concern

International Data Exchange

International Data Exchange



Data Breach Procedures

Data Breach Procedures

So how does GDPR compliance affect businesses?

GDPR Impact on Business

GDPR compliance ensures to implicate unified regulations and laws that, apply to those organizations running a business with European nations. It means the distance of data privacy laws exponentially expands more than the region of Europe.

Gdpr impact on business

As there are tremendous amounts of international institutions based outside Europe, but doing business in the EU will also have to comply with GDPR compliance.

It is estimated that by unifying data privacy law with the help of GDPR, it could provide versatile benefits to the online businesses.

According to the European Commission remarks, by implying unified online security for the entire EU states, it will provide a platform to businesses, which will be less costly and provide efficient ways to run their corporate activities within Europe.

It is hoped that GDPR compliance will help the organizations to save around €2.3 billion per year across Europe.

The EU commission further said, “Unified data privacy laws will create extraordinary opportunities and motivating innovation for businesses not only within Europe but also for the organization who are willing to do business with European states.”

In our opinion, GDPR compliance will help new startups to grow while ensuring the user’s data security in the earlier stage of development by introducing their services and products in tech and online business industry.

Moreover, with the help of GDPR compliance, organizations will have the opportunity to search new ways to collect users’ data such as “pseudonymization,” while the privacy of their client is secured at the same time.

Final Thoughts

To make GDPR compliance useful, understanding what GDPR is and what rules and regulations are parts of it is very crucial.

Finally, there is a huge step taken by the legal authorities of EU states to ensure the user’s online data security and provide control to share it in a way they want with these business organizations.

However, will these estimations made by official GDPR commission exactly happen? Only time will tell. Let’s hope that other continents and nations would take same initiative as GDPR to secure the online data of its citizens from being compromised in future.

In case, if you still have any query or want to share a valuable penny of thought with us, contact us by mentioning your comment below.

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