How Facebook Records Your Phone Log & Message History – Exposed by Dylan McKay

If you are already worked up about how Facebook records your activities, then it’s time to reveal one more thing which may definitely make you delete your account forever.

Recently, a person from New Zealand revealed that Facebook is not only recording data within the app, but it also stores your call log and message history as well.

Just after Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook provides the new feature for users to download their data history from account settings. When Dylan McKay downloaded his data from Facebook, he found something shocking

Still in shock! This article will tell you about how Facebook records your phone log and message history.

Facebook Records Your Movement

If you are using Facebook app on your smartphone, then you are being tracked by Facebook! Yes, this is true. Even you don’t update on Facebook that you are traveling or attending some event, it still records your every moment!

When Dylan McKay downloaded his Facebook data, he found something creepy! Facebook recording his every movement with the address he stay and how he travelled.

Facebook Records Your Metadata for Every Text Message

If you don’t use Messenger app to message your contacts, Facebook still records your message history in the form of metadata for each SMS you received and sent.

So you are not safe when even you are not using Messenger for messaging your friends because somehow Facebook records your SMS history as well.

In order to make you believe, check this tweet by Dylan McKay:

Facebook Records Overall Call-log History

Facebook not only records your message history, but it also records every call you make from your smart phone.

So, there is no way to make yourself safe! If you want to see how and in which pattern Facebook records your call-log history, then you should definitely see this tweet by Dylan McKay:

Moreover, when Dylan McKay scripted his smart phone record in the Zip file to print statistics, it shows overall history of his smart phone, like how many contacts, numbers of calls, first call record, etc.

Although, there are some cases where people can’t find there call log and message while downloading there Facebook. It is due to region cyber privacy policy. Like Facebook only records following person data when he was in Somalia.


Conditions are getting worse day by day for social media users as more things are coming into our knowledge related to how these tech giants are monitoring us.

If you are not using your Facebook app for calling and messaging, still you are not safe because they are also recording your call-log and SMS history as well.

There is no way from which you can stop these tech giants from recording your data. Although you can limit these tech giants by changing privacy settings.

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