How to Avoid Data Backup Mistakes That Most Enterprises Make

A system failure or data loss is one of the things that you wouldn’t want to dream of. The sinking feeling that you get as an entrepreneur, business executive, or a company IT manager in the event of data loss is UN-explainable. Often, you may have a solid backup plan but you are not really well prepared to handle a system failure, data loss due to human error, security breaches and other related risks.

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Therefore to ensure that you manage the devastating effects of a data loss, you first need to be aware of possible data backup mistakes that most enterprises make. It is worth your time and money to ensure that your business is free of data backup errors. While you can employ a simple backup tool to protect your systems and your business from data loss, it is not enough. You need to arm yourself with information, learn about data backup mistakes, and how to avoid them. Read on and find out how you can stay free of data backup mistakes.

Not understanding and clarifying your business objectives

To run a successful business and to employ the right backup solution as well as a solid data recovery plan, you need to understand your business objective. If you do not understand your objectives, you will not have an idea on what data to protect, in the event of a crisis, what data you can afford to lose, and how long it will take for you to recover crucial information.

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Therefore, to avoid this mistake, it is imperative that you lay down your objectives and have your priorities right. Evaluate possible data backup and recovery solutions, and settle for an option that matches the needs of your business. This will help you to;

  • Protect important data such as accounting information, inventory and client records etc.
  • Understand the impact of data loss in the event where all the crucial information is not recovered within the desired period of time.
  • Know how to get your business back on track after a data loss incident or a system failure.
  • By defining your goals, you will work towards a backup and data recovery plan that is robust and reliable.

Selective Approach

When it comes to data backup, most enterprises focus on the backup alone and not the recovery process. Backing up your data is important, but what is even more essential is your ability to run your business smoothly in the event of data loss or system failure.

Therefore, whether you decide to have a competent IT team or a professional backup plan, it is imperative that you employ a comprehensive approach. Ensure the solution you go for matches your business goals. You can consider advanced backup solutions that allow you to get back on track within minutes or a few hours as opposed to days. Remember, time is of the essence in any business and you cannot afford to lose your hard earned money due to a backup mistake.

Avoiding offsite data backup

It is always important to protect your data onsite as it offers a fast and efficient way to access files when the need arises. However, this is a huge mistake because, in the event where your whole system is affected by floods, fire and other incidences, you may not be able to recover your vital information. This is why it is always recommended that you avoid keeping your data backup in one location.

To avoid data loss, you need to protect your data offsite and onsite. Modern business data backup and recovery solutions are highly advanced. They deliver secure, automatic and comprehensive backup solutions. This plays a significant role in protecting your entire system and backup. It allows you to backup, restore data and get back to work with no major losses.

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Using the Wrong Tools

In a business setup, there are different data setups. Each poses unique backup challenges. This means that you cannot use one solution/tool for all your backup needs. For example, virtual backup tools are designed with inbuilt cloning capabilities, but they often take up a lot of storage space. This is ideal for your virtual systems or if you constantly update your backup environment to avoid loss of data.

To avoid this mistake, you need to use the right backup tools that match the unique needs of your business. Identify applications that are most crucial for your business, explore the best or custom data protection solution that will be in line your business goals.

Lack of Planning

All enterprises experience growth. This means data growth. If your business is growing at a rapid rate, failing to plan for a solid data backup plan will lead to enormous losses. You are bound to hit your backup infrastructure limits, if you fail to plan ahead. While this is embarrassing, you also stand to suffer a severe impact of losing your most valued organizational data.

To avoid such, you need to plan ahead. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Plan for a robust backup and reporting solution that will integrate all your business needs. This helps you to enjoy timely, valuable and reliable solutions as well as insights. It helps you to forecast when it’s the right time to invest in a new and advanced backup plan.

Not Managing your Backup

Having a backup plan is not enough to protect your data from possible damages. It is wise to note that backups fail when least expected, applications and data systems change. If you do not focus on actively managing your data backup up with skilled resources, you may be taken by surprise with a huge downtime.

Therefore, it is imperative that you manage your backup actively, check on your advanced systems, monitor your backup status, and explore the best IT resources to keep your system running. You will be able to notice any possible failure, missing or corrupted backups and get a timely solution. You can outsource a backup plan and get a custom disaster data recovery solution that is managed by an expert or a professional service provider to stay safe.

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