Is BlueStacks Safe and Legal for PC and Mac? Trusted Emulator to run Android Apps

Most of the people are concerned that is BlueStacks safe and legal.? Yes, BlueStacks is safe, its a free Android app emulator, which allows you to enjoy Android experience on your computer. For those of you, who don’t know what an emulator is, then allow us to explain. It is a software that allows one computer system (the host) to behave like another computer system (the guest).

With the BlueStacks application, you can experience Android system on your PC or Mac. It synchronizes data of your Android device to your computer. BlueStacks is a great tool to enjoy Android apps and games such as Instagram, Asphalt 8, Metal Gear and others alike on a larger screen.

What is BlueStacks?

Before explaining “Is BlueStacks Safe and Legal,” first every user should know what is BlueStacks? In simple words, BlueStacks is a software that is built to enable Android apps on different Operating Systems such as Windows and MacOS.

This amazing Android emulator was founded in 2011 to provide users with a platform to play their favorite Android games on their Windows and Mac devices.

Moreover, enjoy as much as long as you want to play without any issue of battery timings. Today almost 210 million people use this software on their PC and Macs with the help of using BlueStacks patented Layercake technology.

It is developed with high quality graphics, which enable you to play heavy games and applications. Is Bluestacks safe and legal? Let’s find out.

is bluestacks safe

System Requirements

The requirements for downloading BlueStacks are that your PC should have 2 GB or higher memory (RAM) along with 4 GB space in hard drive and Direct X 9.0 or higher installed. The requirements for downloading BlueStacks on Mac are that your OS should be Mac OS Sierra or higher, 4GB RAM and hard disk space should be 4GB at least.

is bluestacks safe

Does BlueStacks Have Viruses?

BlueStacks virus is just a myth. It is a phenomenal Android emulator. In fact, bluestacks security is tested against different anti-virus softwares, and is found 100% clean.

Is Bluestacks a secure app?

According to tests, the Bluestacks App Player does not contain any malware, spyware, trojans or viruses.

Below are the test results of bluestacks tested against different popular anti-virus softwares.

Avast Software Test Result
AVG AntivirusClean
Avast  AntivirusClean

Besides checking for viruses, Bluestacks has also been tested on anti-malware and anti-spam softwares

Malware & Spam Test Result
Malware DomainlistClean
Google SafebrwosingClean
Comodo Site InspectorClean

As seen from the results, Bluestacks is clean from viruses or any kind of malware, hence it is a very secure software to use.

Is BlueStacks Safe to Use on PC?

One concern that most users might have would be, is BlueStacks safe for PC? There is no need to worry about viruses and malware as BlueStacks comes from a very well reputed background with investments made by Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm, and AMD.

Therefore, you can be relaxed from security point of view and not worry that Bluestacks is safe or not. BlueStacks automatically sends anonymous data statistics to their servers to improve user experience. No personal information is gathered and if you still do not feel secure, you can simply turn off the data statistics feature from the settings menu. BlueStacks is also the first emulator to provide such high rate of security and privacy.

Is BlueStacks Safe for Mac?

There are millions of Apple fans who want to try out Android apps or games and BlueStacks offers a way out. However, users may worry that is Bluestacks safe? Downloading BlueStacks from its official website is highly recommended to avoid any third party involvement that may mean a security threat to your computer. Other than that, BlueStacks has gained reputable reviews from Mac users as well.

is bluestacks safe

After testing against multiple anti-virus and anti-spam softwares and reviews the question is Bluestacks safe in 2019. We can confidentially say that this software will not harm your device in any way.

Is BlueStacks Legal and Secure?

Another question that might arise in the users mind is that is BlueStacks illegal or legal to use. It is clearly and purely just an emulator for PC and Mac, unlike cheat/hack engines etc.

Nintendo, Gameboy and other such emulators are illegal because they need to include software copies of the physical game system hardware ROMs to work.

BlueStacks is legal as it is only emulating in a program and runs an operating system that is not illegal itself. However, if your emulator were trying to emulate the hardware of a physical device, for example an iPhone, then it would be illegal.

BlueStacks is a completely different concept. If the operating system, for example iOS, needs certain firmware to run, which in not normally contained in your computer, in that case it would require a copy of the devices firmware to operate. That copy makes it illegal. Therefore, if you are wondering that is BlueStacks safe and legal? The simple answer is YES!

BlueStacks against Different Anti-Virus Software

With numerous concerns surrounding BlueStacks, we decided to test it against different antivirus and look for any signs of malware and viruses. Fortunately, the software came clean and there were no signs of any malicious elements.

BlueStacks against Different Malware Protection Software

To be on the safe side, we ran another test and this time against malware protection software. At times, antiviruses fail to pick up annoying malware such as VX Vault, ZDB Zeus, Phishtank, etc. Therefore, the second test came clean as well and BlueStacks did not contain any form of malware.

Why is BlueStacks so Slow?

BlueStacks needs at least 2GB of RAM and a minimum of 4GB of hard disk to perform at its optimal level. Furthermore, malware already present in your computer might affect the performance.

The previous versions of BlueStacks had complaints of being slow. However, the company is continuously improving and upgrading their software. To have the best user experience, download the latest version of BlueStacks from their official website.

If you are facing lag and delay during game play then there are a couple of ways to improve your experience on BlueStacks:

  • Allocate more RAM and CPU in engine settings
  • Update the graphic drivers of your computer
  • Close all other applications running in the background
  • It is also possible that your anti-virus is making BlueStacks laggy, check its settings

What’s new in BlueStacks 4?

With new BlueStacks 4 version, you don’t have to sit near to the charging socket because your phone has a low battery or to turn on “do not disturb” feature, so you don’t get distracted during intense gaming.

The latest version of this Amazing Android emulator has some amazing updates that will take your gaming experience to the next level with lower hard drive usage, less usage of CPU power and incredibly improved gaming performance:

Some of the key features of the latest BlueStacks 4 are as follows:

Super Speedy Performance


  • The new BlueStacks 4 is almost 8 times faster than BlueStacks
  • Perform 6 times faster than Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Simpler Interface and Incredible UI

BlueStacks 4

  • Drastically change interface makes BlueStacks more complete Android emulator since this new version offers other options too and not just gaming.
  • The core UI is dedicatedly created for making the gaming experience more enhance and smooth like never before.
  • Add-on Features like BlueStacks Store, Quests, available at will, consume resources only once launched

Improved Key Mapping


  • Manage key controls with the all-new Game Controls Window
  • Key Controls divided into categories for easier navigation
  • Play with default controls or create based on your preference

Best BlueStacks Alternatives

If you think BlueStacks isn’t useful for you and having issues while playing games then you can try some good programs like BlueStacks from our guide.

Is BlueStacks Legal and Trusted – FAQs

How to Use BlueStacks

Following steps will help you regarding how to use BlueStacks:

  • First download the BlueStacks software on your Windows or Mac  device.
  • After downloading the software, double click on the folder and install it.
  • Once you installed BlueStacks, the next step is logging in with your Google account, just like you’re setting up any other Android smartphone or tablet.
  • After logging in with your Google account, now you can download games via Google Play Store and fulfill your cravings.

How to Update BlueStacks

BlueStacks updates is very easy thing to do. following video will help you how to update BlueStacks without losing your data:


The best part about BlueStacks is that it is completely free. However, if you wish to purchase the premium version there are a variety of benefits.

  • A special premium priority support channel is available for them to ask questions and get answers
  • Subscribing to premium subscription disables advertisements of sponsored apps on BlueStacks
  • One premium subscription can work on multiple PC’s using the same account credentials

BlueStacks is one of the only best emulators that actually work and deliver performance. It has great reputation and the user experience is amazing! BlueStacks being backed by tech giants, one can surely trust this application and have positive expectations from it.

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  1. Normand Scott

    Bluestacks is completely safe, It creates a virtual operating system that thinks it is running on a phone, so when you sign in you are signing in through a new device, as your now operating a phone through your computer. Neat right? So that device that is signing in will be you, and it will have your same IP Address!

  2. Cora

    This is really helpful, thanks.

  3. Yuki Gersaniba

    I can’t and I am worried to get it because Malwarebytes trial has ended and the identity of the developer is unknown. Also, once on a different website where Bluestacks is, it came up and start downloading harmful apps, but thankfully, my premium trial did not end (was finished) and so Malwarebytes removed the viruses and malware. Boy, some website of where Bluestacks is is unsafe. I hope is safe when I download it.

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