Is uTorrent Safe & Legal in 2019? Is there any Risk in using uTorrent

Few days ago, my friend messaged me that Deathpool 2 HD print is now available and you can download it via uTorrent. And at the same time, I was discussing with my tech team about “ is uTorrent safe and legal ?”

Further, the situation gets more painful for me when my team members were answering vaguely and seemed like they got confused in explaining when uTorrent is safe and legal to use and when it is not.

This situation forces me to think that how many uTorrent users are facing the same situation as me. Since online privacy and safety is now considered as one of the main challenges of the online industry, I decided to find an answer regarding “is uTorrent safe and legal”.

After extensive research and with the help of tech team support, we found an answer regarding uTorrent safety and legality.

In this blog, you can find out when uTorrent is safe and legal and when it is not with detailed explanations and solutions to use uTorrent in the most protected manner. So without wasting time let’s start step by step explanation regarding “is uTorrent safe and legal?”.

What is uTorrent?

Also known as, “µTorrent” (mu-Torrent) is a client app or software, which is used to download files that run on BitTorrent protocol. In simple terms, this uTorrent software is used to separate a massive amount of data on the internet based on peer to peer file sharing mechanism.


uTorrent was released in 2005 and has more than 100 million users currently. Moreover, this files sharing and downloading software is one of the most famous software outside the Middle East. The reason why this uTorrent software is preferred by users is due to its lightweight and still download files (such as games, videos, movies, etc.) faster than other BitTorrent software.

However, after understanding what uTorrent software is and how it works, there is still one question moving in user’s mind that is uTorrent safe and legal to use?

Is uTorrent Safe and Legal? Short Explanation

Is uTorrent Safe and Legal?: Using uTorrent software isn’t illegal, but when it comes to downloading pirated content, it becomes illegal. However, it is hard to identify which content is legal to download and which isn’t.

And same goes for uTorrent safety concerns, the software itself its completely safe, but when it comes to downloading content from unknown sources which are full of  deadly malware, it creates a high risk that you might compromise your data by providing access to hackers.

So it’s clear that uTorrent software is completely safe and legal, but the way user use it could lead to raising illegality and safety concerns, which we discuss below in detailed.

Is it Safe? Detailed Explanation

After the end of services like Napster and Limewire, the BitTorrent protocols become one of the most famous software for peer-to-peer file and content sharing services globally.

Especially uTorrent is one of the BitTorrent protocol, who gains massive popularity due to its decentralized mechanism since it provides access to users to download and search content, files and magnet links.

These magnet links and torrent files search for the platform or users online who contains the file or content you are looking for, and the uTorrent itself doesn’t host files to download.

Moreover, when you talk about uTorrent safety and illegality, it is clear that not a single BitTorrent protocol is illegal and unsafe. The real concern of legality and safety issue starts when it comes to what kind of file you are downloading.

However, the main issue regarding uTorrent safety and legality is due to it operates in a grey market, where it is difficult to explain that which content is legal and safe to download or which is not.

This is why most of the time users download illegal content without any clue that is it safe and legal to download.

On the other side, developers of uTorrent stated that they don’t perform anything illegal and unsafe, they organize and provide access to different contents and files which is already available on the internet.

In short… uTorrent provides the download link of different files by redirecting the users to that specific location.

Though, the statement provided by uTorrent providers failed to convince everyone. Large numbers of uTorrent trackers are under the investigation from state-level authorities. Who think these uTorrent trackers, provide users illegal access to download pirated content.

Moreover, if you analyze this situation on a neutral basis, then you should agree with the statement of legal authorities and content producer that using uTorrent to download copyrighted content defines the act of theft.

However, all blame goes to users. Since millions of them who serve their system to host the files for downloading pirated content via uTorrent.

The process of downloading files or content starts by connecting the users on the similar tracker. Which is known as peers. These peers fall into two categories receiver and provider.

To download via uTorrent, the receiver uses the magnet link to get it from the provider, who contains the file. Once the receiver downloads the file, now it will be add in the loop as a provider. Allowing another receiver in the market to download the file from his system.

In a uTorrent world, this process is known as proper pirate etiquette “to seed as much as you leech.” However, if the process of peer-to-peer file sharing mechanism does not come under any criminal activity.

Like if you compare it with dark web activities such as buying and selling drugs online is a pure crime. And if you analyze the uTorrent mechanism, it should not take as a crime since the content is already available. Moreover, uTorrent is only redirecting the users.

The deprivation of laws and policies regarding what kind of content or files users can download comes from online  content producers. So by just stating it is illegal to download copyrighted files, shouldn’t restrict users to use uTorrent. Since the software itself is legal

Despite stating that uTorrent is illegal, online authorities should focus on how to make their mechanism efficient. Which stops different entities to get access to copyrighted content.

However, downloading files and content by using the internet is not safe at all. Since you don’t know about the provider is real or scammer. That is why most of the users ask a question regarding “is uTorrent safe?”

But don’t worry the best way to use uTorrent safely is only possible when you can use it anonymously.

Using uTorrent Anonymously – Use VPN Service

The best way to use uTorrent safely and anonymously is by using reliable VPN service. Using uTorrent with VPN, first it routes all your searches according to the location for reallocating your IP address. Which makes your online existence anonymous.

Using uTorrent Anonymously

So, if any hacker wants to track you by sharing a file via uTorrent, it will be impossible for him to track you back. Secondly, when you use VPN, it encrypts all your online activities. It means nor could a single malicious entity track and monitor your activity.

However, it all happens when you use a best VPN service that provides you with sheer quality. At, we do not recommend you to use Free VPN providers or those who keep users traffic logs. Always use paid VPN service with the following features:

  • Offers zero log policy
  • Offers DNS leak protection
  • Do not affect your internet speed greatly
  • Unblocks Torrenting (this feature is compulsory)
  • Offers 256-AES encryption

These are the most fundamental features, which are must to use uTorrent anonymously and se