World Password Day 2018 – Celebrate with us & Stand a Chance to Win Giveaways

Passwords have been around since the dawn of time. Even before the invention of the internet, passwords played crucial part in keeping secrets and securing communications.

On May 3, 2018, everyone will be celebrating World Password Day. It is a day that reminds us of the significance of passwords, how they keep our confidential information safe, and stop intruders from accessing personal bank accounts, emails, systems, devices, and more.

So how should you celebrate “World Password Day 2018”? This article will provide you all the ways to celebrate this day and strengthen your online accounts’ security. In addition, we have cool giveaways for 3 lucky winners in commemoration of World Password Day, but more on that later.

How to Celebrate Password Day 2018

“World Password Day 2018”, while it is apparent that we don’t celebrate this day as a holiday, but we can rejoice this occasion by following best practices for creating strong and secure passwords.

In today’s world, digital protection is a necessity for all of us. Thanks to social media platforms and other avenues of communications, the first line of defense is through strong passwords.

There was a time when we needed a small password to secure our accounts. Nowadays, hackers are finding ingenious ways to steal your personal information and breach your privacy. That’s why it is important to include different variations such as numbers, symbols, caps, etc. while creating passwords.

According to a post by Business Insider, the massive data breach of social media giant, LinkedIn back in 2012 was due to poor passwords. Nearly 167 million accounts were compromised, including 117 million passwords. The most popular passwords included 12345678, linkedin, password, and 123456789.

This shows the importance of having a strong password. Therefore, to celebrate this day, we encourage everyone to update their passwords and make them more secure and stronger.

For example, put random words together, use phrases which are not obvious, replace alphabets with symbols and create something that no hacker can guess correctly

How Secure Is My Password?

You will find several guides that will tell you how to create and strengthen your passwords. In our password guide, we illustrated many tips and best practices, along with a list recommended password management software.

Likewise, if you are having trouble figuring out how secure is your password; you can try multiple tools available on the internet to check the strength of your password.

Amongst them is How Secure Is My Password. This is a great tool to enter your password and check how strong it is. Another interesting feature is that it offers quotes from pop culture icons as the strength of your password grows.

world password day

Valuable Tips & Tricks by Popular Tech Companies

To make the most of Password Day, we reached out to several companies that specialize in creating password management software and enterprise related software, and got their views and suggestions on creating strong passwords.

LastPass is a reputable password manager and commends millions of users all over the world. It is highly enthusiastic about World Password Day and celebrates it like Christmas.

  • Use long and strong passwords; meaning 20 characters or more, randomly generated passwords that contain lower and uppercase letters, digits and symbols.
  • Use a unique password for every single online account.
  • Store your passwords in a secure way.



Roboform is a reputable password manager and commends millions of users all over the world. It was highly enthusiastic about World Password Day and celebrates it like Christmas.

  • Dedicate a password manager to be your digital gatekeeper. Password managers increase online security and convenience. With your data safely stored in one central location, you can minimize outside threats while greatly simplifying your life.
  • Increase your security by using two-factor authentication. RoboForm supports TOTP based authentication apps including Google Authenticator, Authy, and Microsoft Authenticator.
  • Use a unique password for every site. Using the same password across multiple sites can dramatically increase your chances of falling victim to a cyber-attack. Most password managers include an easy-to-use password generator feature.
  • When sharing data, share it securely. Be careful not to send sensitive information via email, post-it notes, personal messenger apps, etc. RoboForm uses crucial public-private encryption for our Secure Sharing feature, allowing users to grant data access to trusted contacts safely.


Sticky Password

Sticky Paasword explain Passwords as key element to your security and privacy that you can control.
Here are 3 tips for better and more secure passwords:

  • Use a unique password for each online account. Never reuse passwords on multiple sites (hackers and bad guys love that).
  • If you can remember all your passwords, then they aren’t strong enough. Use long random strings of letter, numbers and special characters.
  • Turn on multi-factor authentication for all accounts that support it.



1Password share their advice and thoughts for password safety and management

  • Don’t worry about clever tricks for creating strong passwords or rules about digits and such. People shouldn’t be created passwords at all. Use a password generator in a password manager.
  • Password reuse (using the same password for multiple sites and services) is a bigger problem than weak passwords. Try to reduce the extent to which you reuse passwords.
  • You don’t need to remember most of your passwords. Use a password manager so that it will be possible to have unique passwords for each site and service.
  • A good password manager avoids the security/convenience trade-off because it makes things easier and more secure.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed by security requirements. Security is not an all or nothing thing. There are steps that are within the reach of pretty much everyone that will meaningfully improve their security. You don’t have to eliminate all password reuse to become more secure. Instead you can take it a few passwords at a time.



Zoho is a cloud-based operating system for businesses. It offers wide range of features and facilitates businesses through its Office Suite. Among the various tools, it offers Zoho Vault as its very own password manager.

According to their Director Product Management, Rajesh Ganesan:

“The most common tips experts give about passwords are to have long, complex passwords and have unique such passwords for each account. Those are useful but hardly practical or usable for individuals. The other extreme of using one long and complex password for all accounts is only as strong as the weakest password security implementation in one of the services. In this scenario, one approach people can use is to make categories for the various application accounts they have and have a password for each category. Like sites where they use their credit card information with, sites they give their personal information and sites where they only give a nickname and a secondary email id ! I recommend having upto 5 categories and if you need more than that, it is time you look at some password managers like Zoho Vault to manage your passwords.”


Zoho also provided important insights on importance of passwords and suggested excellent tips:

“Though experts are trying hard to kill passwords with bio-metrics and other advanced techniques, passwords still remain as the most commonly used methods of authentication across the globe. On this world password day, make sure you use strong passwords for each account, rotate them periodically and secure your digital kingdom. Take the help of tools like Zoho Vault and ManageEngine Password Manager Pro and say goodbye to password woes.”


World Password Day FAQ’s

What is the Default Password for Arris Modem?


ModemDefault User NameDefault Password
Arris DG1670Aadminpassword
Arris DG860Aadminpassword
Arris TG1672Gadminpassword
Arris TG852Gadminpassword


How Intel Celebrates World Password Day?

Intel celebrates World Password Day by acknowledging users that “Passwords Our First Line of Defense against Identity Thieves.” Furthermore, on this day, Intel requests all its users to take five minutes to secure your sign in with the help of two-factor authentication mechanism.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article would help you to make the most of World Password Day 2018. We also hope that you will analyze your passwords and try to make them more secure.

In addition, don’t forget to participate in our giveaway. Grab a chance to win exciting prizes and much more while celebrating World Password Day.

In case if you still have any query or confusion in creating healthy and secure passwords, contact us by shouting out your comments below

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